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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Just another article about Global Warming

I don't believe for a minute that global warming is caused by out gassing. That Scientists have misinterpreted; in some cases purposely, the data and have negated the fact that plain old heat (BTU's) released by men's activities is the cause and that the solution is using things like solar and other naturally occurring sources of energy would suffice to neutralize heat output by men. For instance if the world went to hybrids it could cut in half the single largest source of heat on the planet; automobiles. That there is a cabal of oil producers that are the natural competitors and enemies of this kind of power generation, is a fact. That we have a President and Democratic party that think that they can change everything at once....well they are fools. Truth is; knowledge is not power. In my life I have never thought that knowledge was power. Power stands alone. Jesus says this in the Gospel, I have been given all power in Heaven and Earth. I have seen that men of great knowledge lie obfuscate and hide the truth because they were too busy trying to prove a point, a point that is unequivocally arguable.

That wicked and evil men who are complete ignoramuses rise into seats of power and authority proves my point about knowledge being power. It ain't. People might as well get over that.

Janet Daley of Britain is wonderful. Of course I cannot possibly agree with everything she says but Wow what an orator.

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