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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Whaddoyamean Healthcare is going to go up I said the bill they passed this year was crap. Bad for the economy, bad for the worlds economy bad for everyone.....

OK Obama has got me here..... The wealthy pay 40 percent of the taxes in this country but the problem is the wealthiest only pay; last I heard, about 2 percent of their income. Now that number may have changed but until I hear the current percentage I can only quote the last one I heard.

Seriously. What the ....... is good about only losing only 451,000 jobs in a month. This is not good news. In this year alone we have lost probably 3 million more jobs. This is sticking your head in the sand attitude. This is looking at life through the proverbial rose colored glasses. This is trying to keep the American people from revolting which is asinine. They are not rising up in armed rebellion and are not going to....morons....they are just going to vote the stupid shits out of office and the only thing they could do wrong is vote more of the same lying ass stupid shits as replacements into office.....

The UN is losing it's patience against Iran. Did you know that this is the same thing they did before we Invaded Iraq....Oh look..... are they going to get out of the way of an invasion of Iran. Did you know that invading Iran although plausible would be a hell of a lot more of a sticky wicket and we would have to be a hell of a lot more ruthless and less discriminating and heartless. IE., my kill them all attitude would have to come into play. I know, how barbaric.... Funny that the Romans slaughtered barbarians and called themselves civilized.

Atheism isn't civilized it is just another form of barbarism.

Another reason to fire the trash-o-crats. I think this is very much a part of how to not get relected by the totally and completely wisdom challenged democrats.

The Erksman(me) is right again. The USA loses top spot in economic competitive rankings.
In nutsville I would have to say ya can't do it better'n me cause I did it by God and you all are not. I suppose you are wondering what the hell is he talking about now. Did I not just recently tell you all; no God, no prosperity....? In fact over the last 5-6 years have I not repeated that very same statement. Ya'all better hop to workin fervently on a school prayer amendment lest ya'll go broke. Gasp; the horrors. That includes you Mr. Husein Obama. School prayer. School prayer. School prayer. School prayer. School Prayer. School Prayer.

Just chantin it up.

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