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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Months before Obama became president

I said He looks like a Muslim. Every nation and religion or non religion carry themselves with a certain bearing and attitude. God has blessed me with the ability to discern this and I saw in Obama's behavior and mannerisms a Muslim.

Any one can say they are a Christian because the term christian is truly more generic than most people understand. To help you know why that is so, I am going to break the word down for you so as to dispel doubts that a non christian may say that he/she is a christian and not actually be following Jesus Christ.

The word Christian is actually two parts. Christ with the attached suffix -ian. The word Christ means generically: savior. The suffix -ian means: follower of. If you are going to call yourself a Christian as in follower of Jesus, then you must be able to say Jesus is Lord. You must be able to profess in an open and public forum. Yet Because of what Jesus says that once you accept his forgiveness, yet if you fall away from Jesus, and even blaspheme him the holy spirit never "leaves you nor forsakes", thus I say that a man may even yet be able to say that Jesus is Lord or even the words, Jesus save me forgive me of my sins. That does not necessarily mean that they are following Jesus. Jesus says " me ye will not follow, but another ye will follow". I see it throughout Christendom today, I can tell; by whom they quote, mainly. If they quote Jesus predominantly that is an excellent sign, that they are following Jesus. Jesus says that "with the heart man believes and with the mouth he professes". If a person quotes others predominantly then he is following after others or something else. If the persons life is guided by Jesus then the very foundation of his life will be built on things like the golden rule, and Jesus sermons concerning servitude, love, and love of God.

They will be a respecter of all things of God and endeavor to turn themselves from all things of this world.

A Son of God will not prostrate himself before another God knowingly, ever. Obama has knowingly prostrated himself before another God. He has truly blasphemed God. The Muslims have declared Obama an infidel. The Christians are beginning to see him as an unfaithful to God.
Together they two make up half of the worlds populations. Some say that he is none of the above. Neither for or against any God. Uh.....Mr. President. That makes you against every God. You are either for or against and if you are not for, then you are by default against. Your in worse trouble than you can know of yet. Pick one or the other that the world may know your stripes, and judge for itself what it must needs do.

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