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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Many have prayed,"oh God Please give me a sign".

I am sure that many other people especially on the following days prayed the same prayer. Here is God's answer to them.

*God is saying: I did this.

*God is saying: repent; to this nation, from this desire to blaspheme me.

*God is saying: to this nation; turn unto me, and everything will work out for this nation.

*God is saying: my judgements are terrible and complete.

*God is saying: still He loves this nation and though it has insulted Him yet he will punish it horribly, yet he shall lovingly redeem it, and keep it for himself, and this nation shall be forever for him and with him in glory.

Rise up people of this nation; take this nation of God back from the world and return it to God from whom the world thought to steal it from. Glorify God and give thanks, gird yourselves up and strengthen thine hands for the day of God's retribution is nigh unto this nation for the insults this nation has brought against God! Fear not for in this day of punishment yet shall I deliver and give you victory and yet the victory shall be mine and this nation shall know that I am the Lord.

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