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Friday, September 10, 2010

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It is just another clinical demonstration on how to not get reelected by the Democrats. Numbers talk though. By how much will they go up?

"For working individuals, the 10% tax rate bracket will revert to 15% in 2011. The 25% goes up to 28%, 28% goes up to 31%, the 33% goes up to 36%, and the 35% goes up to 39.6%.

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The only people unaffected by the rates are freakin homeless people. Or like me....not employed and unemployable at this time. Though I am plottin and a plannin to become a self employed person I have so far completely failed there as well. Of course that is not saying much about me and I personally have some shame in this never the less I intend to find some way to get myself out of this situation.

I want to note that the taxpayers who are getting slammed the hardest are really the ones at the bottom end of the pay scale here in the US. The 10% bracket rising to 15% amount to a 50% hike on the people damn straight least able to afford it. Those people are already spending 100% of their income trying to stay in the game. I know that there are a lot of people with an Marie Antoinette Imperialistic attitude towards taxing the poor or working poor. They need to get this one figured out in their mind and it goes like this. The lowest income bracket are also the most numerable of the group. They are also the ones who are going to get the most emotional and likely to vote their by what is in their back pocket.

All's the Democrats are going to do is piss off their primary constituents. The poor people. They are also the ones with the longest memories which will now be reinforced by their lower take home.....(man I am having a hell of a fight not inserting some really nasty words in this).

In other words the Democrats are effin liars. Lying, fascist, imperialistic, heartless, bastards with some real baaaad mojo. Their Karma is completely skewed and a deceit.
They have done every possible opposite of correctness and truth. They are either conquered puppets or are as stupid a bunch of smart guys as can be. They know a lot but their ideology is proven completely wrong. They are the pinace of cowards. And I do mean small vehicle.

On the music front, former member of ELO turned Buddhist must have really some something wrong to offend God. I see the hand of God in this freak accident. You gotta read this to believe it. A hay bail rolls down a hill and crushes his car as he drives by. What are the odds. they must be literally astronomical. The combination of odds in a hay bale rolling down that hill x landing on a car x killing the occupant x the occupant being a musician x the musician being famous.

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