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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Comment I made at another site

I like that metaphor.

I see it like this.

The jackasses come to the line of scrimmage. Lined up in punt formation. Two minutes left on the clock. I guess John they figure their is enough time to get the ball back and take one more shot down field. It has not been a good game for them. The elephants started the game slow but kept a steady pressure on. When their coach called out the second string quarter back, ol' Tea Partier himself. And talk about a turn around. That seemed to completely unnerve the Jacks. Ever since then, they have made one mistake after another. Almost looks like they are trying to lose on purpose.

The nose tackle for the elephants Seemore Constitution has been awesome in this half, recovering a fumble and running it in for a touch down for the go ahead. He has also made 3-4 sacks on the now humbled Brak Obuma. It has been one heck of a game. Seemore just got stronger as the game went on. Must have been some cross the line talk cause I could sware he's playing angry.

The ball is snapped and their, it's a fake. IT'S A FAKE FOLKS. The center, Dumbass Commie hiked it to BRAK and he is rolling right. He's got Standby Taxrelief out in the open but here comes Seemore barreling down on him. Man look at him Go he's almost on top of Obuma. Obuma winds up to throw and....CRACK....Oh my God did you see that? Constitution just broke Obuma's throwing arm. 'Oh My God', oh the agony. Brak just went down like a sak of potatoes. The ball is loose, the ball is loose, ladies and gentle men. Strong safety Palin has picked it up and is flying toward the end zone. She on the 40, the 50, 40, 30, 20, 10.......AAAAND SHE SCORES.

Brak is down folks he's is really down. He's holding his arm now rolling on the ground. Time out has been called. Jees you can see the pain on his face. God that angle of his arm; it has got to be broke. I don't know but I think he may be out for the rest of the season....

My God, ladies and gentlemen WHAT A GAME..........

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