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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Shifting sand

The Democrats build their things on the feelings of people. the problem with that. Peoples feelings change according to their current surroundings. Human feelings are truly like shifting sands.

I happen to think that feelings are a very important part of men's lives. But our feelings though base are not how we should make decisions. Perhaps they should be a part of most choices but it is impossible to make all decisions because a person feels like they should do something that way or this way. Yet that is exactly how people; even the super educated of this world, think that people should make their minds.

I personally despise making decisions solely upon feelings. I know several women and some men who are feeling their way through life and frankly most of them end falling off the proverbial cliff ending up with nothing but negative feelings.

I sit here today being able to watch a particular woman in a wheel chair who felt like getting up; and broke her leg, and then fell. Fourth time she broke her leg. She needed to evaluate her ability to do something and then made a decision based upon her current ability not her hoped for ability. She refused to exercise. She continues to refuse to exercise because it hurts and it makes her feel bad physically.

She committed adultery because she felt like it. Then after wards she felt bad and then got mad because she felt bad. Hated herself, blamed anyone and everyone around her, and continued to feel worse and worse until one day she put her double barreled 12 gauge under her chin. If you use feelings alone and not use any of the rest of your senses you will probably kill yourself. Curt Cobain killed himself because he could not put anything in perspective. He wrote and sang some of the most heart felt songs and became so successful, I say that his following was near true cult status.
He got so worried (feelings) that his music would be used inappropriately; and he couldn't stand the thought that he would not be able to control his music, and that made him feel so bad he finally killed himself.

If he could of put it in the perspective that he was helping the ordinary individual cope with life, he would have lived. If he could have found solace in the comfort of others he, would continue on today, but he was so concerned about himself that he could not possibly consider anyone else but himself. His feelings betrayed him he's dead. My moms feeling betrayed her.

Our feelings are not a good thing but our worst enemy. If we don't keep our feelings in check they will overrun our lives and kill us. If we don't keep our libido in check it will not make us feel better, it will make us feel worse. Our feelings drive us to drink; and do drugs, which are not, but a slow death. Our feeling lead us to over eat, or to kill, or do hurt. Our feelings in short must be kept on a very short leash. My wife felt, and her feelings dragged our marriage through the mud. My previous wife's feelings killed her first marriage, ruined the lives of her children and then annihilated her second marriage(ours). My second wife(same thing). My first wife's feelings destroyed the lives of multiple marriages and all of the children associated with them.

Some would ask me how does that make me feel? I feel feelings don't count, and I have no intention of letting my feelings rule my life. I feel like I should rebel against every ones else's feelings, and not do what my feelings dictate. I should do; I feel, though I feel bad for a moment, that the moment shall pass, and I shall feel better. I feel like no matter how much I should seek after the pleasures of this life; that even if I should attain the moment, that the let down on the other side of attainment is worse.

My sister lives for Slurpee's and seeks after Slurpee's and so long as she can get a Slurpee she 'feels' that life will be alright. She wonders why people do not accept her for who she is. Simple. Because only in insane person would live for a Slurpee.

Apparently it is a strange concept that I would die to save a life, and therefore I live, that others may live but my sister only lives for a Slurpee. That is insane, She is insane. It is insane that people enable her pursuit of Slurpee's. Yet she knows that her constant search for Slurpee's are not acceptable (she feels) so she hides the fact that her life is built on Slurpee's. She lies about it. She won't even tell her psychiatrist how much Slurpee's mean to her. She is in love with Slurpee's because Slurpee's don't hurt. Yet you should see as she limps downstairs because of her body weight. She has packed on double the weight that her body should bear day to day. She is humping around 300 but lies to everyone saying she only weighs 250. Not. She feels bad. Yet the almighty Slurpee will help. So she runs to the gas station and buys anther quart of Slurpee. The song should have said 'killing me softly with his Slurpee'.

Apparently the world around me hates that I take joy in some elses relief, that I find my life in giving to others. Just as Jesus gave his life that I should live; even a more abundant life, so too I find my life abundantly in giving my life that others live more abundantly.

God is Love and God makes the world go around therefore Love makes the world go around(literally). Man's Love does not make the world go around at all. Love is a feeling, love as inimical and infinate as gravity. Love is not fleeting, it is permanant. Hate is fleeting and temporary.

Get it? 1 John 4: 7,8 Beloved let us love one another; for love is of God, and everyone that loveth is born of God, and knoweth God; he that loveth not, knoweth not God, for God is love.

Wanna do something permanant. Do Gods love. Not mans love. Stop skewing mans love with Gods love. Stop confusing the good feeling you get from drinking a slurpee, as all there is in life .

Mat 7:26 And every one that heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them not, shall be likened unto a foolish man, which built his house upon the sand;

Mat 7:27 And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell: and great was the fall of it.

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