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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Signs of the ends times

Goes along with my doomsday cometh URL. As my mom now begins to actively fight (by arguing) a permanent residence in a nursing home.... my mentally ill sister on her side...they're codependents... Another volcano erupts in Indonesia( I know, what the hell do the two have to do with each other.... nothing I just threw that in.) Not just any volcano but another long dormant one and this one is near the "resurgent" super volcano called Lake Toba. That fits the "earthquakes in diverse places" scenario in the bible. Of course no one is going to say that volcanoes are earthquakes, however earthquakes must needs proceed volcanoes. Did you know that around Oklahoma City their have been 12 measurable earthquakes in the last few weeks.

I get the feeling that there is some kind of change going on in our solar system that maybe even scientist have yet to share with us. Say a change in gravitation. How about some of the changes going on in the sun that I have read about. Including the change of the solar flare frequency, and stuff. After all the sun is at it's estimated mid-life. I bet their are going to be changes even in the short historical time span that man has been monitoring the sun. Did you know that scientists are also monitoring the magnetosphere of the earth, and that it appears to be decreasing, and looks be in a reversion phase whereby the poles flip....Interesting....They figure that the poles will flip around a thousand years from now.

Wild...For the unbeliever in the Christian God it might look like this....How long has man been on earth and why in the world would the Bible keep being so accurate? Was man far more advanced in the past than we think of them as having been, because what we know today they must have had some scientific knowledge and capabilities at least as good today's? How can the bible be so accurate. with out scientific evidence or proof? It can be only one of two answers. Either there is a God or man was once space faring....Ok I got zero evidence of spacefarers ....

That would make a cool SF movie. Guardians of ancient knowledge coming out of the woodwork to build a space arc to save men on a planetoid sized colony ship because in a billion years the sun is going to fail, and we need the time to escape far enough out into the void to be safe. Space Drama. Anyway. I love this idea. I'll give it away as a freebee just to have the pleasure of watching it. You can quote me on that one. Could even have parallels to a Messianic message. And no I don't believe that is how the Messiah or God is going to do it. Never the less.

My how my mind wonderfully wanders.
BTW that is a picture of Lake Toba which sits atop the worlds largest super volcano.

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