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Monday, September 6, 2010

Aaand the liberals insult the people one more time

This guy doesn't get it do he.... Maybe it is he who is spoiled and is crying waaa waaa I don't wanna lose...ooop. Msnbc changed the video after I posted it. Hmmmm I wonder why.... any way I will tell you what the vido was about. It was about this guy whining about the electorate in America going to throw out the dumbocrats. He called us people spoiled. BWHAHAHAHAHA!

This video is about trying militants captured on the battle field and trying them in civilian courts. the question is asked what happens if the militants are released.... There will be no question about it. The Spoiled electorate is going to be more irate. It only weakens the Democrats. As for a democrat calling the people spoiled.... That was sheer stupidity.

My opinion. Terrorists committing acts of war do not get the rights that citizens do. Not to mention we cannot apply our laws outside the borders of the United States with only one exception, government employees in government service while at work in a foreign country. We maybe apply them there, maybe....period.

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