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Friday, September 24, 2010

Ultimately God will save this country

The first thing my eyes came across this morning was an article about that huge emerald (840 pounds)and how a bunch of people are fighting over it. Men fighting over pretty bobbles no matter how big is pathetic, never the less I can think of no way to to change that I just get to say how pathetic. that kind of stuff is the very reason this country should be hammered; and it will.

Then I run across an article that brings tears of joy to my eyes. Ya see this dad is dying , and what bothers him about it most is he wanted so much to see his daughter play; just once, a game of lacrosse.

Just like that everyone gets together and puts on a scrimmage just so he can watch his baby play.

One day as I was working on this guys condensing unit; while he was talking with me, I discovered he was Muslim. That kind of muted my desire to proselytize. I did say one thing though. There is a lots of great evil in this country, and a log of great good.

There is something that is very redeemable here in the US; something that should be redeemed. God is just going to have to take his hammer and chisel to it, and knock off all the rough edges.

When I played football back in the day as a defensive end I learned to keep my eye on the ball.

I learned to carry out my assignments and tend to my responsibilities; and they were in vogue until the ball crossed that line of demarcation we called scrimmage. Once the ball crossed that line my only responsibility was to intercept that ball carrier and take him down. I was particularly good at backside pursuit. I had the God given speed and could hit like a freight train.
You can see by the picture up there that that emerald is a gem in the
rough. That is like the US as I see it today. To get at the beauty inside their
is a whole lot of shit that needs to be knocked off and thrown away. Shit like a
bunch of greedy fuckers and their minions are going to be killed.

I suppose I could say a bunch of greedy people are going to be weeded out;
but it is my experience that no one takes saying it the nice way, serious. I
really feel the need to transmit the horror of what is about to happen in the
meanest, nastiest way I can think possible.
The love of money is conducted by ultra greedy fuckers. They are dead, and it is just a matter of their being slaughtered by their own works (reaping what they sowed); dumb, stupid, idiot asses. Too bad a lot of good people have to die with them.
The ball; people, is that invasion. Keep your eyes on that ball and damn
straight don't take your eyes off it or you'all definitely be the ones who get

In the mean time we have to get militarily ready to take on the world and to do that we will be electing in a batch of hawks and ignoring those treasonous liberals. They are going to get wiped out anyway. In fact the whole ideology is going to die with them in that invasion.
I had a civics teacher a Mr. Torrence once told our whole class; "The only
problem with Superior Wisconsin was it needed a 'few good deaths' ". He
explained that a bunch of old people were hindering the cities growth. Since
those people would not get out of the way of growth the only solution was to out
wait their lives. Nasty way to say it; but that did teach me that sometimes the
only solutions were to wait, stay the course and soon the purveyor's of opposing
ideologies would die. Keep the faith and stay your beliefs and one day you would
get your chance.

God tells us in his word; the Holy Bible, that he gets tired of waiting for men to change their ways.
That is where America stands right now. The dye is cast. The hammer and chisel of God are coming. We here in America need to get ready to meet the onslaught of Gods word. Yes this world changing war is in Gods word. It is just very well disguised so that the preaches of his word; even they would not be able to interpret it and preach repentance, because it 'is' possible to change; literally, the will of God, if his sons and daughters knew exactly how too.
It is a very good thing that as children of God; we should not desire for
these thing to happen, and actually be given at least the power; too beseech the
almighty in fear, and love that he should belay such a horrible thing as
judgement, which should lead the the deaths of millions of unsaved. It is a very
good thing that they desire that all be saved.

Alas not all will be saved; and it is the will of God that not all be
saved, or all would be saved.

Better yet I know that God sees the future; even made it already, and is
able to project out perfectly accurately how things are going to end up, if he
doesn't intervene.

His ultimate goal is not to make himself look measurably good to men but to carry out his will. His will is to bring mankind's armies to the valley of Meggedo and destroy them and then command the earth for a thousand years. After which, loosing the devil for a short season, whereby he once again destroys the army's of men that array against him(for the last time) and then gathers up all mankind(by killing them) and thus cometh the great white throne judgement. At that time he will pick out those whom he wants in Heaven.
Some of those who think are going to be there because they thought they
were doing his will(which they were) but were nothing but the litmus strips that
are thrown in the fire and burned up(yes god has created some to be used up and
then thrown away). Question is, do any of you want to be that? I don't. I can't
imaging any who would.

Never the less doomsday cometh.

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