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Friday, September 24, 2010

Palin and Christie on the loose

I love it.

Palins mystery strategy is by God.....

I was raised with the old sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me. That does go along with the second amendments freedom of speech clause...However the world being thin skinned, can't stand being called terrorists and barbaric which the rest of the worlds is; especially Muslims. Too bad they can't stand having their books burned. Makes us Christians better'n them. Makes the UN Sec. Gen. a chicken shit scardy cat like he's afeerd that bad things will happen. Chicken shit.

Had the rest of the world of looked Hitler in the eye and said no instead of trying to appease him then Hitler might not of become the despot he was. Had the rest of the world of said no to Stalin and Lenin then we might not of had a cold war. Had the rest of the world of said no to the Muslims then we might not of had to kick their asses in the middle east again. The Medo Persian Empire does not see that their day is come and gone looong looong time ago, and that is why they get stomped on every time they rear up.

Any way the Sec Gen of the UN is a nut. Freedom of speech here in the US rules.

Now after having pissed all over and; I prognote that I shall do it again, the UN, which I hate anyway, something funny. I haven't watched this fully so it may have stuff in it that I should not like.

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