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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Yes he is isn't he

Repeating the mistakes of yester year.

Once other nations have become what they feel are sufficiently independent from the United States you will see them dump the dollar as their primary reserve cash. Once that happens inflation will take off here in the US that is if left uncontrolled by the government.... I suppose the the US government will step in at that time just like it always has and cause the whole thing to drag out which will make the people more miserable longer. That is always a political nightmare...

The people of this country have all got one major problem. They don't care if anyone else suffers as long as they don't. I say that as long as that attitude pervades their will be no real solution to the economic debacle which by that article right there is going to be a hell of a lot longer than it would have to be, which BB will know that I said make it a long painful slide. I did make one error which I negated by prayer. I said, "God destroy this country" in 1997. I meant annihilate it. I prayed then that God would forgive this people. I then also prayed for a delay in the tribulation I also stated that their be no more delays in the tribulation. A seaming conundrum. Actually a real conundrum. In fact it appears that a battle has been set in the spirit. I was obviously torn between what would be good for this country and people. I have since changed my mind but I always prayed "nevertheless thy will be done Father". The reason. Because I understand that as a Christian with the faith that God can do and ultimately man is not but stupid that even if I had a seat and power to do, nevertheless by God I could in no wise have the wisdom to truly administer this nation which by economics dominates the world. What happened here with this people helps or hurts nearly every nation on earth.

Lets take a hike down nut lane for a moment and say that by some quirk of fate that I had some how been a grand influence upon the worlds economies and thusly the peoples of the world... As I prospered according to what I felt was prosperity so too did the world prosper. And now that I not prosper so too does the world not prosper. It is kind of a harry coincidence that just before everything collapsed my own working career came to an end. When I was younger of course I seemed to prosper according to my own thoughts of personal prosperity and as I did so eventually the world prospered. As I reached the pinnacle of my personal working prosperity so too did the world apparently reach it's working prosperity and now that I shant work so to is whatever the world tries to make work yet it doesn't. As I now struggle with my own finances so too does the world struggle with it's. Strangely the world has mirrored my life. Most people mirror what is going on in the world but that has not been the case for me. Just the opposite.

Theoretically that would statistically happen to someone in the world but when it happens to you it would freak you out. It freaks me out anyway. Now I am a serous believer in God and as such do not believe in coincidences. It makes me wonder then what it is about me that things should happen this way. What is God saying to me about the world. I will tell you what he is saying under these circumstances. In fact I will make a list.

One: The world has turned it's back more on God and is walking away from God.

Two: God is the source of all prosperity.

Three: God imparts wisdom and wisdom not intellect is the strength behind prosperity.

Four: God has ceased to impart wisdom and as the people who have wisdom depart from us they, so to do they take their wisdom with them.

For those who do not believe in God or think that my God is not God then this is all gibberish. So for you I will put it this way. For whatever reason all the efforts in the world cannot bring prosperity. Someone at the top is either stupid or being manipulated by some covert or hidden group and this group is trying desperately to balance making money against removing the US as an influence in world economics and politics for their own purposes and designs. I without solid proof cannot say one way or the other who or what so I will label it all the work of God.

I know one thing If the US is wrecked by a war we cannot be required to participate in any of the shit of the tribulation because we shant be in any position too, plus if this war that is going to happen on this continent occurs prior to the tribulation then we shall be in the very enviable position of of telling the rest of the world to take their fucking bullshit and shove it up their ass. Especially after having beat their ass on the battlefield.

Whether-so-ever I go or see or think there is the rest of the world to consider. This guy(I was unaware the Bill Gates was no longer the richest man in the world). Of course I have to stumble upon this information out of curiosity about how some billionaires aren't blowing money on the toys of the rich. The top one's don't all have these lavish swank things so much in their lives.

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