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Monday, September 6, 2010

The question always is what is the right thing to do?

The democrats have come out from the dark but are still in the fog. Also it is too late. We had 160 billion dollar deficits when Obama came into office and now it is up to WAY over a trillion. Our trade deficit is trash. And my own plot fails.... The world it seems doesn't want to let go of this country now that they have what they wanted. In spite of dumping trillions more upon the world money markets our dollar has not weakened sufficiently fast enough to jolt the world into reality of breaking away from us. Unfortunately because of that and the refusal to get into a life boat in time the whole world is going down with the ship. It all works out to one thing leading to another and ultimately we end up with armies facing off in the future at the valley of Meggedo.
can you imagine a billion troops there?....

Anyway I do digress.... It is too late for the democrats...People have had enough of the lying. Even the rank and file of the Democrats are jaded by their own parties duplicitous behavior. They are going to have to suck it up throw their own out and start over.

The Republicans have also gone as far as they can with all of their BS....too. In fact cow towing to big corporation's and their insatiable greed for profits and corporate welfare is not more than fascism.

The elitists have learned too late. The people have learned too late. But ultimately all will be well....right after Jesus comes the clouds....over the valley of meggedo...Just as he promised.....In the mean time men will do unspeakable hurts.....Jesus says that the love of money is the root of all evil....It was true then and is causal today. Watching all of this has been hell for me. It is like I have marched into hell for a heavenly cause.... To have watched all of this come true has been a hell for me.... Someone said to me one day that I cared too much.... I would have rather cared to much and tried to do something than been dead inside and done nothing.

You see. I live. God is my life. I live only by him and in the end for him. People hate that I sermonize so much.... tough. I was supposed to be a preacher and servant. It is my lot. I have fulfilled my destiny with all my might. I am happy about that. It was hard work in more ways than you can imagine. To battle with ideology is far more excruciating because....we all have our demons we fight off and to deal with the troubles of the world and help others understand that they may also fight off their own devils. To put aside ones own self so that others may succeed and to always sit in the back rather than insist on being first. To wait patiently while others prosper and take joy in their should all seem so unfair... I however have it on the whisper....God likes that because I did it willingly...can't say I didn't complain, can say I put it all behind me and did not blame anyone either. Can't say I didn't blame God a time or two. Can say I let go of it and pressed on. Can say that God convinced me he has something better for me.
Even at this moment I have the joy of the lord in my heart. The sadness of a dying man is only that I know that I could do so much more.

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