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Sunday, September 12, 2010


I saw some articles that left me mildly aghast. Aghast. A-gast. Ag- hast. I wonder if that is one of those words that over time was installed in the language from the little people or drunks who thought it was funny. Kindo like this.... AAAAAAG. Hast thou not considered. Finally shortened to aghast....

Back to the articles. I have a; for me, bad head cold, so you know the drill.

This is blaming someone else for their sin. Putting a gun dealer in jail for a failure in the system is such a lie. In no wise should the system of governance ask the people to sacrifice but the system of governance should sacrifice its self for the people, is the epitome of God for man on earth; not be so confused as being God . God sacrificed his only begotten son so that we might not sin in such a way.

This is why Obama and the Democrats are in so much trouble with the voters. The don't seam to be able to connect their actions with their results and are knowingly blaming someone else, problem is everyone including politicians must be willing and ready to accept responsibility for their actions. The Democrats are going to lose badly because they don't want to be at fault. but they are at fault and they know it. The people in poverty just went from 13 percent to 15 percent. The Democrats are in power they must accept that it is their fault.

Can't ask the people to do something you are not willing to do yourselves. Lest your hypocrisy be discovered; and it has, and the people either do those things or if the people be more responsible throw your butts out in the street. The democratic leadership in the White House is corrupt and owes the taxpayers a lot of money.

I read a long article from news week called inside Al Queda. Interesting. In the small group of articles is one of Gates military cuts. I am not so fond of military cuts. Especially when it comes to cutting out things like the F-22, or the Marines new Amphib, it says to me that the stupid ideas that got us the Sherman medium tank in WWII; which by all accounts was obsolete, and the sticks in the mud like Gates, were responsible for a lot of soldiers being wasted on the battlefield. Same deal. Gates likes robot and drone warfare and is completely ignoring the hack potential of future enemies. Not to mention the upgrading capability of future enemies. In other words he is willing to sacrifice sons and daughters on a future battle field. Never did like Gates.
I think paring down General staffs might be a good idea. I hope I can find out what he's got in mind out of curiosity.

Today I am going to tell everyone something that I have hidden and yet have not hidden, all of my life. It is both unbelievable and not. For the spiritual this is not so unbelievable. For the aspiritual this is impossible to believe. Nevertheless it will explain to everyone especially the spiritual why I shone as a star. Glowed like the soft glowing that so many people warm up too. I still have that inner warmth that cometh only from God for he is light and love. It is just being covered up by the sins of the world even perhaps my own sins. Never the less in spite of this I still shine for all to see.

When I was twelve there were certain spiritualists that were teaching a certain process of out of body experience. I had the year prior accepted Jesus as my Savior, and was very interested even in a forced sort of way to discover what the spirituality was all about. I have since found that many other servants of God had experienced spiritual events and visions. I was laying in my bed at night having prayed and exercised and just meditating and connecting with my body as I could think to do. As I relaxed more and more I became lighter and lighter until I felt as if I were floating. Then I drifted ever so gently upwards. Felt warm and safe, I felt the gentle urge to continue on, looking at the house as I drifted straight up it receded rapidly from my sight, then I was high up in the air so that I could see the curvature of the earth. I began to accelerate to a tremendous speed in one moment I could see the sun but is was half the size that it used to be and yet I was accelerating even faster until the sun was a pinpoint of light. I turned and accelerated faster still; but is was just visual, for I could not feel the acceleration only tell by sight. In two or three moments I soon slowed ever so perfectly to a stop, and found myself sitting cross legged and upright. I marveled at my surroundings. I slowly spun in this sitting position as I turned I saw from the corner of my eye an extremely bright light approaching me. I became frightened and fled and yet I did not flee. As fast as I left myself I moved exceedingly faster returning in two moments to myself, and yet I did not return. I lay in my bed much afraid. I have often returned to that night in memory. And at times it seems that I was there. Where as previously I was in light I now am in dark, and yet I know that, that is not all of me.
Sometimes I am on a barren small planet with a star distant. Sometimes I see myself before God at his throne, yet I am not there. Then it was clear yet these days though the light shines it is foggy, yet like a perfect light or like a perfect smoke. Sometimes it is the clearest blue sky and sometimes it is dark.

I have oft been plagued by the question an idiot asked me once. "What happened to you?" Good but futile question. People are just going to have to trust that God knows what he is doing and that they have no place in usurping Jesus authority over me because of some silly worry. I have spiritually tracked the worry back through my mom and her delusions. As for my personal experience in relation to my mental status.......I go to these places to find a moment of peace in my mind. I find that there is less and less peace that I derive from them. But I do leave behind some of the spiritual evil and wickedness that today bothers me so much.

Whether I imagined this or not....Only time will tell.

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