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Friday, October 8, 2010

95000 more jobs lost. Unemployment still at 9.6%. Growth at 1.7% and the supposed GWP 3%.
The Fed declared the recession over last year but didn't say anything until this election year.
The compromised stimulus plan an abject failure is a no brainer.

The *******anomaly is if the economy is still losing jobs then where the hell is the growth? If the economic numbers say there is no recession then where are the jobs?

This means that some rich people are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. It also means that the people in the know are lying to the rest of the people. The economy has had no net gain in jobs in the last ohhhh about 36 months. Over 8 million are still technically unemployed and their is no end in sight.

Ya see I am looking forward. Not enough data to assuage my feelings. The economy is **** and there is not yet enough to info for ME to say otherwise.

There is one bright spot though. Secular liberalism is a dead ideology walking due to they are not replacing themselves. They have aborted and low birthed themselves into the annuls of oblivion. BWHAHAHAHAHAHA! All is well.

All is well.

I have a movie in my own archives; the Kingdom of Heaven. In this movie the King upon meting the hero and eventual defender of Jerusalem tells him that the "Kingdom is a kingdom of conscience or it is no Kingdom at all", In the end as he is negotiating with Saladin; who understands full well that all of the icons and temples in Jerusalem are nothing but the Kingdoms of Heaven is in mans hearts. In fact if there be any kingdom in any mans heart therefore that kingdom still lives. Saladin knew that he negotiated with a man of honor who knew that it was the people who mattered and not the kingship.

In another way of saying this. If I be a king I am not but what the subjects of the Kingdom are.

America is a Democracy and a nation created by God; created after God's image of freedom in his order, and so long as man shall be upon earth the United States of America shall reside. What the founders envisioned lives on today because Christ lives in my heart. So too shall the USA live.
I am not alone in my vigil but victory I now know is guaranteed. Where as I believed only before I now have the evidence that concurs with my belief and it is relief.

For I know that forever "all is well".

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