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Saturday, October 16, 2010

A comment I made somewhere else.

A military is good for one thing and one thing only. All out no holds barred war. In WWII that is the way we fought. Our military out shined the rest of the world.

A military is no good for policing another country. In fact any military occupation whether domestic or otherwise in the world has not worked out well ever, except to return a nation to the people.

I still think that a large military is necessary but should be based upon American soil. There is but one country today that I think could use our presence and that would be South Korea. They welcome us and are grateful for our being there. It is a good marriage of need and utility.

In these days of blitzkrieg style of military operations even our own land is vulnerable and with an insane religion whos stated and intended purpose is to rule the world and whose methods are as atrocious as any despotism that has ever arisen since man began to form nations. We should have on hand and maintain the greatest military machine the world has ever seen .

As far as asymmetric warfare is concerned that is almost always the fault of the civilian governing policies. Such as the unbridled immigration policies garnered by corporate greed; impressing the need for unskilled labor upon governments, tricking the intellectuals into arguing that we could tame the savage beast, that is still devouring at least one third of man upon one quarter of the land masses of the world by getting some of peoples here. The problem is; in the so called civilized world, if you compromise your way of life with a savage culture, what made you a great economic lifestyle, before becomes less able to function.

This is happening here in the US, and in Europe and it does not bode well for the future. It all is pointing to a terribly violent clash of cultures to come. I say it shall break out into WWIII.

As a comparison I think that this shall be a shorter far more vicious fight, costing only millions rather than tens of millions of lives of WWII.

Once again the United States of America with it's God given Constitution is the only thing that stands in the way of the savage hordes that would conquer all of man for to devour what so ever civility that God has deemed to bless man with.

It is inevitable.


  1. I'm afraid you're right.

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  2. Yay man. Yeah I really liked the twilight blue sky background. That is soo cool. How might I be able to do it.

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