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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Old people need not use old bye lines like working.

Hillary, the US is not doing any such thing as trying to end the Mexican drug war problem. What are you people doing? Sending government assassins down there or something? Hell if your going to lie about something that would be the one that got you votes.

The deficit.......What can I say.......I support it.......thank God for the Democrats willingness to destroy the dollar........or how about........If you people are going to be the worlds bank roll then you damn dumocrats got to stop tying the money supply in with such namby pamby things as human rights. What the hell does money have to do with human rights....Either the US has to be neutral or the worlds money reserves....get it now? NO? people will wish you had of gotten it long time ago with whats coming your way militarily.

What is a trillion? A trillion seconds is 32000 years.... that is what a trillion is. Put a trillion in the bank at 5% interest compounded yearly and you could spend 100 million every day for the rest of your life and never run out of money. I could think of a way to spend 100 million a day couldn't you? I could buy a whole country and hire every one in it for that kind of money. In fact I could eliminate taxes of any kind set up my own bank and be a freaking tax shelter and that country would be the growingest country on earth so long as I lived. I would make even more money. I would end up a multi trillionair and the consternating problem of what would I do with the money.......again.

Oh really? On the one hand it's way to late, and on the other it's way too late......Hussein.

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