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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Comment I made somewhere else.

After reading all of these well thought out articulate arguments, and comments; I personally have come to the conclusion that whether Thomas J. intend for there to be a wall of separation or otherwise, the rest of the framers did not.

And since this IS a Democracy the majority won. The constitution does not contain the word 'separation' instead it plainly says the the government shall not make any law, that includes
anti-freedom of speech laws such as taxing a preacher for talking about moral issues that may be in the spotlight of the day such as homosexuality. Taxing anyone for what he says is immoral all by itself.

The amendment is intended to not only keep the government out of regulating churches but also from supporting any faith based belief system; such as Darwinism , Relativism, Elitism, or Communism or Fascism or Socialism or _______( fill in the blank) or any other believe before you see it oriented ideology. In fact it gets the government out of trying to regulate thought at all but actions only. Not intended actions but post action state. In other words the constitution prevents the Government from trying; and failing to the destruction of this Republic, to regulate thought at all. Instead it is designed to be punitive after something has occurred druther that before. Then there is a whole slew of proof needed because the founders of this nation understood the nature of men to fall into the state of lie-ass to do what ever a man wants. I also mean that all of the crappy 'intent' laws are Unconstitutional.

The constitution strikes the perfect balance between allowances and restriction.

Jefferson; I believe if my memory is correct, said that this constitution and this country was intended for a (paraphrased) good God fearing people.

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