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Thursday, October 21, 2010


That is cute. Don't care for the shows premise but otherwise it is a hilarious show. The Bible says that the Angel of the Lord moved over the deep.......That isn't why I said bazinga.

The moment I saw this article at Crosswalk about codependants aka enablers......I had to read it. Voila. It has a sentence that I have been repeating consistently and constantly....You are responsible for your own feelings........Great big period. Nobody can make you feel but yourself; just you....Getting mad and and then doing something to someone else because you feeeeel is definitely not going to make you feeeel better.

Jesus says that blessed is he that ruleth over his own spirit. I always knew that God loved me and I always knew that God cared for me; but for the most part of about 16 years or until I was 36 I did not truly give witness of him. I did live the vast majority of my life in most of his precepts; that is I did unto others....mostly....But as far as my testimony. I drunk once in a while, caroused, partied when I wanted, and when I got weary of my first wifes screwing around did the same myself..... On the day that I realized that God was paying attention and did care......well the rest is history....

There are days when I don't feeel good. But today I can say that I do feel Gods presence constantly. As far as ruling over my own spirit is concerned; it has been a gift.....a habit. And not blaming some else for how I feel....easy.....doing something to some else because I feel some way, not a problem; I don't.....My feelings are not the bases for my actions. Well that is not completely true...I don't think that anyone can live totally with out feelings. Better to do because you Love God, and care not for the love of the things of men.

Truth. Love God with your whole body, and from then on Gods love will sustain you for the rest of your life. I can't possibly put into word every thought; or feeling, but then no one can. Ultimately I will be judged on my idle words according to Jesus. You know the ones I thought were not, but are....but man is not my ultimate judge and for sure the boring people will not be judge of me, they will judge of there own, but I for sure am not one of them.

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