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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Doomsday Cometh yet I lament not.

Things that will end if Islamics take over the world.....




Women's liberation.



I think I have said it. This world is in for a hell of a fight. The problem with Islam are they are their own worst enemies. For centuries they have squabbled and even had a major war within or two. Imagine when the Muslims take over France or Britain or Russia. They don't have to make nukes. They will be handed nations with state of the art nukes ready made. Imagine as they are exceptionally thin skinned, that the the new Islamic Republic of Russia decides that Iraq is now infidel. They would not invade with an army, why should they when they have within their capability the convenience of just making that country uninhabitable. BAWOOM! End of Iraq. Imagine if they got it in their head that Iran was infidel. End of Iran. OOOOh how the west has had their heads buried in the sand. I think the rest of the world should get rid of it's nuke's but we should not.

Holland is gone. In ten years they will become an Islamic Republic unless something drastic is done. Such as every Dutchman and woman have ten kids each and even then it would be catchup.......the damage is already done. Their would be a gap. A time frame of ten or twenty years where the Dutchmen would be outnumbered by the Muslims. Which at that time under sharia law they would be killed and their children taken away and raised Muslim. Nope...... too late for the Netherlands.... Same thing for Denmark. The only thing that could happen is if Islam is declared a Religion of hate and outlawed in those countries and the Muslims expelled. France started expelling Muslims. They see the writing for what it is.. Doomsday cometh.

Accordingly the Brits whose Birth rate is already too low to sustain their current culture could recover if they too had about nine ten kids each.... they would be able to hold on to some of what they are today but the liberal, atheistic, secularist, anti god culture is doomed. Not a bad thing. Not a bad thing at all. Way to go Muslims.

Total annihilation....

You are birthing them atheistic bastards under the table and into the grave. In a funny way I am rooting you all on. In the end we will still have to fight it out and see which is the right way. Christians by the protestant version or Islam. I say Jesus is the only way. Lets fight over here and let God the Father decide. I say he favors Christians. I eagerly await. When you all get here do me the favor of slaughtering as you go, so as to kill them prostitutes, organized criminals and homosexuals and atheists please. My dear relative Al is an atheist up there in Minnesnowta.

Thank you God. Thank you Jesus. Proof positive that those who go against God's word are doomed. To the rest of the western world I say this. Without God you only get death and oblivion. Their is no life or place in this world for those who oppose God. None at all.

By by. I ain't going to miss you. I won't stamp on your graves (I think) but I will be glad your gone.

Too the invading hordes. I eagerly await your entrance into the war for the US. We will be ready and shall do unto you twice over what you have done to Us. We need it anyway to rid ourselves of this wickedness that has enveloped us. The vestiges of defeating the first three beasts.

This is going to rock the world back on its feet and give it notice that doomsday is nigh. The end of the world and those who dwell in it. After which Jesus shall return. And this world shall bow at his feet and declare that he is God.

I have a sister and brother over in the former East Germany doing missionary work. Good luck to them. Oh wait; I don't believe in luck. Too bad. I told her that it was a requirement that she give her life if necessary to preach the Gospel. It may yet come true. Germany has reached the birth rate that guarantees their culture will not recover. Better collect them beer steins while you can. May be the only reminder of the old Germany. Muslims don't tend to keep too much of the old culture around. They have a propensity to destroy any reminders of the old.

Yes I see it all more clearly than I have ever before; like a picture slowly coming into decades long focus.

Doomsday cometh.

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