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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Conservative ideology VS Christian ideology

First article in the cue was one about Tennesseans turning firefighters into mercenaries. In other words if you don't pay your local firefighter fee you cannot get fire service.

That is a secular conservative ideology not a conservative Christian ideology. A secular government won't work because it is all about money but Christianity is all about loving hearts and loving hearts would not let any mans house burn down; Whether they paid their fee or not. No worries though. The invasion is going to cure this secular Conservative ideology. In other words, this nation is a Christian nation. Not a conservative nation. Traditional Christian conservative values are values that place life above government and money. They place 'love above thy neighbor as thy self' above whether you paid the fee or not. My recommendation to Tennessee. Fees for fire dept OK but do not refuse to to put out a fire. Charge the homeowner for the cost of putting out the fire. Even that is immoral in my book.


  1. I am conflicted on this. On one hand I agree with the firemen, no pay no spray. The smoke eaters place their lives at great risk everytime they roll. And then again, I see your point, but for one thing. Their charity is then not an act of their own volition but of societal expectations. There is pressure on them to conform even if they are not Christians. Suppose they are called to put out a fire in coke house or a brothel or a mosque? Now you have turned firefighting into a United Way campaign. Am I making any sense Splash?

  2. Sig....I just think that they should put the fire out and ask questions later. In fact when they refused to respond to the fire out in the county they risked a forest fire and that is governmental irresponsibility. I am not so anarchic that I don't understand that the firemen must follow command in order to keep thier jobs but the policy is more facisism.
    That is the main reason that firefighting has been a freebee from the government. Not necessarily to give people an uncharged service but simply to prevent fires from spreading catastrophically.

    Now that is the cold explanation. The heart of the matter is we should do it because that is what we would want done for us.

    I do see the connundrum in all of this. They are just trying to find ways to pay for services but in my opinion charging a fee for firefighing is not the way.

    Had I of lived in Tennesee in this particular county there is no way I would have voted for or supported the fees for fire service. No way.

    Anyway, thanks for stopping by and commenting.


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