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Sunday, October 10, 2010

I don't care, the bulbs were junk anyway

I got to say something because it has been bugging me for about 30 years.

Corporations and their willing lackeys want to make too much money want tooo much ease and too much pussy. Are too easily bought, have too little outside loyalties, and are too cowardly.

GE for all it's talk of being green does not want to make bulbs in the USA any more. WHAT? No more light from GE? What? Did they run out of inner light? Are they full of it. Gray is lazy. That's it Grey is the new old lazy. Life is trouble but the solution to life, is not death.

You see people have been accusing me of of not explaining myself which is not true. I have over explained myself until people have have gone silly bored, but this little ditty above is what it would look like if I really didn't explain my self.

Ok now to explain my self. News max and a plethora of others are whinnying about something that conservatives and others are whinnying about. Yes I said whinnying. Actually I meant to say wining about but whinnying will do very nicely. Back....They are complaining that we just lost 200 jobs to China. The very same group of people (bean counters) aka the hated accountants/marketing and managers/MBA/corporate business men and women and their professorial mentors are the ones who considered that cooperate profits were the meow that was the only thing that mattered.

They bit themselves in the ass; bred themselves into oblivion, and set the US up for invasion. Not only is secular conservatism/secular socialism doomed but millions upon millions of people have been sentenced to death by slaughter because Corporations were greedy self interested self serving entities. I really hope they continue their wicked ways so as to mark themselves to be hunted down by those invading hordes scout forces/spec ops teams/spy's, that invasion forces always have.

Two hundred jobs is not a big deal, And it is literally foolish for men of intelligence to say so. What is a real shame is GE finds it uneconomical to make lights of any kind. Apparently that is the case since not one news agency has reported differently. If they do I couldn't tell you because it is not in writing for the General public to see. So the way that they are saying it means that GE; the corporation, should be an avoided stock, investing wise, because they can not find a way to manufacture any green oriented light bulbs here in the US. Is that what GE wants to say to the American people? I reiterate, that is what is being said. That is what people are going to think. General Electric has been a stable of economic power here in the US because of electricity; and electricity for all of the good it has done in making mankind's life better, would be something less if not for the light bulb, and General Electric has been the name for light bulbs. Oh I suppose that Westinghouse would say 'not exactly so' but then Westinghouse does not have Electric as a part of it's name. Subconsciously though when I think of the name Westinghouse I automatically associate electricity with it. GE ought to show that they are making light bulb and not just putting their name on something manufactured over seas.

Does anyone understand that Americans hate greed. How about if I shout this one. AMERICANS HATE GREED! If you are an American then you hate greed. Greed is un-American. Patriotism and greed are enemy ideologies. The spirit of greed hates the spirit of patriotism and vise versus.

Of course I look like an environmentalist and a fascist but the fact is if the government had not of mandated that incandescent bulbs be banned then retail outlets would not have sold many CFC bulbs. The article here at news max goes on to insult greeny weenies because they to not understand the economics of manufacturing. Of course they don't; they are living by their feelings and not fact. The problem with this article is that the bean counters are living by only logic and totally negating feelings. Can't do either. What is the future? I just installed some Light emitting diode bulbs in one of my moms chandeliers. 2 watt bulbs that emit the same lumen's for 1/12th the cost in ele. . They are essentially life time bulbs that I had to pay a little more for than the CFC's I would have replaced them with. Not to mention actually better looking than either the incandescents or the CFC's. Hey bean counters. Take that and shove that up your back side taste buds and see how that works for you.

Don't like losing one old incandescent factory? Tough. Instead of ney saying you should have seen the light and built manufacturing plants that were building LED bulbs at the rate of millions a month and stopped wining about CFC''s. Bunch of no solution cry babies. The cost in the loss of future tech factory jobs is really on your right wing secular heads now isn't it?

Y'all ain't so smart. And ain't so farsighted either, and why is it that the work force has to figure it out for yous dudes. I say you have to get edumicated to be stupid followers of other apparently blind edumicated idiots. And so far you are not proving me wrong. Prove me wrong and build a factory or ten that make LED bulbs for inexpensive put a 10 times the lost jobs back in play. We need billions of bulbs here in the US as it is. we need to cut back on our ele use.....Why?.... what?.... until the tribulation....the population here in the US is not going down and overall economics requires the conservation of ele. per household as well as the changeover and increase in power supply.

Don't like the fascism/communism of that. Then do it because it makes plain old sense. Do it with out being forced to do it. Do it voluntarily. Volunteerism is not fascist or communistic but it is communal. Community is not communism. God facilitates community but he does not facilitate communism, or socialism, or fascism.

Let their be light

These two are my least favorite for a chandelier. The one on the left is good for side casting light into a diffuser such as the tulip or frosted glass flower types. The incandescent bulb on the right is obsolete. God bless Thomas Edison for giving us light but it is over the type.

This is one that I am talking about. For the chandelier that I have it in, it is nye unto perfect for looks. It makes for a beautiful light fixture and adds to the look rather than the fake flame type. When it is on....Wow. I am impressed with the improvement. When it is off still wow on the looks. Looks much more like it belongs there.

This one is good too. Maybe even more so because of the swirled enclosure.

Here is the chandelier with the variety of bulbs, I haven't replaced them all yet. As for the math. By replacing the 4 that were there with new 1.5 and 2 watt bulbs the fixture already is using only 38% of the ele it used before. Another way of seeing it is it uses .3 of an amp hour vs the the 1.5 amp hour. When I get them all replaced the fixture will only use eleven total watts or 7.3% of the ele it used before. Why did I decide to replace this particular fixtures bulbs first. Simple it is one of the most used fixtures in the house. I have yet to see on the shelf the four and eight hundred lumen LED, medium base bulbs. When I do you can rest assured that I shall start buying them.

The Democrats are working really hard to get out of office....this should heop them do that.

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