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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Living life takes two

If your married then two people become one. However if one of the persons in a marriage has a, 'this is all mine' attitude, then there is in reality no marriage. Now the descriptor I have just given is actually of my marriage. I am married however my wife is not and we both live accordingly. It makes for one resentful person and one frustrated person. My wife resents me and I am frustrated with her. She still shows the signs of her victimization but she embraces hers where as I do not show mine so much because I have never ever embraced any of my victimization. In a sense I estranged the bad things that happened to me literally relegating those things to the past where as my wife goes with them. Walking hand in hand with them like two lovers marching towards the fabled lovers leap. I am not going with her in this.

Marital economics is plain, both people have veto power over the budget...However if one exorcises self restraint and respect for the marital budget but the other does not no matter what restraint the one exhibits the marital budget will be shit, like ours. If marital economics is shit the shit will over flow into the rest of the marriage, like ours. I have married four women who were economic nightmares but it turns out that my own mother is just like them. Hence in spite of my never wanting too be with someone like my mom I have utterly failed and married four women JUST like her. Goddamn it.

This article does list people who are married and do everything together and as a couple can rationally work together as a team.

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