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Sunday, October 31, 2010

What do ya know

Oklahoma City Ranks No1 in this survey of most affordable places to live.

Jeez. If your gonna do an article at least have the writers look up the real distance from Earth to another planet in the solar system. Each planet is about twice the distance further out from the sun as the previous one. therefore Mars cannot be 35 million miles from earth, and it certainly does not take 100 years to get there. I thought these writers went too college. I knew this stuff from like junior high school science class. Stupid stupid stupid kids...If Earth is 90 million miles from the sun then Mars is at least, AT least 90 million miles away from earth. The earth again is 90 million miles from the sun and Mars mean distance is about 230 million miles therefore 90 million minus 230 million is 140 million miles, not 35 million. Last I checked We can get probes there in less than a couple of years; so a one hundred year ship for a trip to mars not intended to return because it would take so long to get there well...... the premise of the words it completely bogus, and the writer wonky.

The ship is a colony ship. If DARPA has accurately stated that there is a one hundred year transport ship to Mars, then it is really for permanent colonization. The main problem of finding people who don't care if they return; I can see that, but I assure you that there are plenty of smart people who would want to go knowing that they cannot return.

I slipped over to Wikipedia and there they have decided that there is no accepted theory as to why the distances are not equal or not really twice the previous; so I am going to throw in my own personal theory. The distances are also decided by the mass of each body plus the gravitational pull of the rest of the bodies in the solar system. For instance; if Mars was the same mass as Earth it would be closer to the 180 million mile mark from the sun.

Anyway. Cool on the colony ship.

I cannot find any fault with this series of video....and it facinates me...

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