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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Miguel Cervantes

I have always heard, Sancho, that doing good to base fellows is like throwing water into the sea.
Miguel de Cervantes (1547-1616)

I guess by base he means bad guys. I really think the truth is: doing good to the boring ones is like throwing water into the seas. Or doing good to a scoffer is like throwing water into the sea.

Do you know what an oxymoron is? This is an oxymoron. "The pace of debt expansion under Obama is obviously faster, but that's due to the stimulus and to a shrinking economy"


It took me all day to get over the stupidity of the author of the last ditty and now I can get a study up here; quote, unquote....Ok so they can't really call it a study but why do people need a study to affirm or destroy their superstition.

The Tea Party is a movement. Besides the signs I see are not racist, and the left who has not taken the fact seriously that they don't count any more because it is fact, that they will not survive this next 25 years and are done, I love reiterating that not only are they not having enough children; but are aborting a lode as well, taking their own advice I guess, and aborting the ones they don't want, which would be their progeny. Mirth ensues in me............ BWHAHAHAHAHAHA! Stupid, very stupid..... They had been at it for 100, 150 years and they throw in the towel and stop having kids. BWHAHAHAHAHA! They had it going on....heeheeheeheeheehee. They were going to rule the world......wooeee. Dumb....uh anyway.... Winning by default. Oh wait it was God that caused them to not have any more kids. Any way the righteous conservative's winning by the default by the liberals not showing up..... because they don't have any kids to show up with..... while their old commie farts start dying off..... Their youthful hard driving, hard living, having killed them. In other words the dopes did dope and they are not only dying but are as stupid as I have ever seen men can be(ref ; the previous article of freaking note).

Uh, anyway the Teaparty is a movement and rrrrrace got nuthin to do with it. Besides I think the(on the spiritual side) all the things that the leftists are, they sound more like Islamic terrorists because of the incredible and insane things they are saying. I have not seen one racist comment come out of the Tea Party. Not one.

I think that the leftist college perfessors are not getting the idea that politicking is not all about marketing a product; or produce in the case of the Democrats. Does the sound of a paint brush full of she-lack feel good to the Democrats.... Old man gave some really good advice to me once (backwards). He said all the powers that be wanted was to keep the people "fat, dumb, and happy" and they could do what ever they wanted..... well apparently the Demolish-the- economy-o-crats did not get the memo. Gotta keep the people fat dumb and happy or they will pull their head out of what-ever-sand hole or their ass.....whatever....and throw a ****fit. And now we are seeing the people throw a ****fit and they are going ghuh? Duh what happened?... Bwhahahahahaha gotcha ya....Cause yaaa the Tea party is a movement, of the people, and not some well funded political hack at the powers that be. You see the powers that be forgot that when the people get irate they just trow off what ever lead they were under and get a new one.

Makes me feel good about being an American again. Rally it does says ZA ZA.

This probably needs editing: I'll get to it later.


  1. lol...I needed to laugh and this I can laugh and agree with...only it is that laugh which is because if I don't I may go crazy because of their absurdity!


  2. It was about the first article I read this morning and I decided it was too convoluted...Nice word for *^%^*.

    I think that was all I could handle for today.

    Thanks for stopping by. Be blessed. HMK.


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