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Monday, October 25, 2010

Yeah, why am I a Republican?

This article says it all. I decided to click on the "blog with" button on this article and the pad is...... well a little less than my dashboard pad..... and the link is automatically in the title; different.{not anymore}

I want to highlight why I am a Republican, because the word Republic is in it. Lame lame lamo. I know. Just kidding. anyway. the history of Republicans is rich in fighting against enslavement where as the Democrats have to hide their entanglements of slavery. The republicans have traditionally resisted the tendency twards corruption where as the Democrats have embraced corruption as a tool. The Republicans have resisted the urge twards lying the democrats have made liars their mouth. the Republicans are malleable twards the republic the democrats are imperialistic/monarchic/dictators. I think I misspelled dictator in fact I know I did. shall I leave it....Nah....You figure out how I miss spelled it.

In that vain. Even Obama's cousin is telling the Pres that the Health care bill is crap.

The continuous over rating of the economy by liberal media is waning. The economy is crap the jobs flow(thought of like) is 17,000,000. It used to be about 8,000,000. Now I am just taking a wild swing at it but I bet that I am in the playing field. That is because the real unemployment in this country is not 8.8 million but it is really 17,000,000. Jobs flow is people in transit from job to job. Normally the jobs flow of about 3%(of population overall) is good for employees; and at about 4% good for employers; but at the current high rate very bad for everyone.

That is why the economy is not doing well number wise. That is why the people are not listening to the dumbocrats or the liberals or the commie-o-ocrats. Poor kids. In the really "good" colleges; they have no idea that their mentors, the commie influenced trained and taught perfessors are dying, there ideology, going extinct; getting old and feeble minded, loosing their memory. The kids coming up are the last of the litter.

The people are not listening because reality is greater that all the lying symbolic speech that the Democrats can possibly muster. Starvation and homelessness is a far greater motivator than all the suggestive lying speech that the media could ever possibly muster. In fact the media is beginning to feel good and guilty for lying for the liberal/commie agenda and are now; I see, putting out the good raw data(nat. news last night).

Meanwhile the French are still feeeling a huge pinch from trying to reconcile all their differences....economically.

Bold Murdoch not so Bold. His local networks are bleeding viewers because he caved to pressure from; stupid going extinct left wingers, and since they are going extinct, he need not; and should model his local programs after his highly successful and now is 'the mainstream news' with a whopping 50% of the nations news viewers. I urge you Murdoch. Do not quaver in the face of those who are now immaterial to the future of the world. Just keep telling it like it is, and stay the course and be strengthened for you are in the right of it all.

In the meantime; mount whats it's what in Indonesia must be a rumbling again.

Alexander Dumas.....What? A man must examine himself and some would say doubt himself. In a way he is right though too strong in it.

"A person who doubts himself is like a man who would enlist in the ranks of his enemies and bear arms against himself. He makes his failure certain by himself being the first person to be convinced of it."
Alexandre Dumas (1802-1870)

The problem with insulting those who doubt themselves is just that. I have had plenty of doubts about whether I was in the right or not but in the end I have found that my doubts were mislaid; however the things that were set in motion by God's use of me came too, and the positive is I do not get to take credit for them, and instead must give credit too God and wheresoever I have taken credit; THAT was misrepresentation by me. Unfortunately I am, as weak and foolish a man as any man can be.
Interestingly; whence I was first proved right by God I was made all the more by it. However if I had of been proved wrong I was yet proved right in that my self doubts were my own correction the results of which I was humbled and yet made greater by God for it. Quote that Alexander!

Want to smile? Here.

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