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Friday, October 15, 2010

See I tol ya....again....

If the government would have let the system fail.....everything would have shaken out. The only thing the gov. could have done was tighten up controls on the banks and made them be more careful in how they give out home loans, requiring about 10% down and good credit. Making banks be strictly honest and accountable.... But nooooo had to go giving out money until everything every where failed.

Mwhahahahahahaha! I tol' ya. Conservative Christians are having babies like Rabbits. Don't believe me. One Christian group is having about double the number of kids as liberal states....Oh that is not so correct.....but why don't you go read it for yourself. Here is another article.....The liberal birth rate here in the US is 1.47 while the Conservative birth rate is 2.08. The 2.08 is not quite the 2.11 needed but it is not below the never reversed 1.9 Like the liberals 1.47. Having one more child per family would cure the 2.08. My thought is having and average of 5 per Christian conservative family will do it, and make sure that this Republic will lives on. God said "Be Fruitful and Multiply".

So The President admits that he lied/screwed up about the 800 billion dollar wanker.

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