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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Whoa, Thats a mouthfull and where did that come from?

Wow praise God, By God that just sort of came out of me.

I was reading an article at TF Sterns Rantings in which once again I saw the artifacts of insurrection; locus the Government in rebellion to the Constitution similar to; but much less, the atrocities offending the Republic and it's spirit prior to the OKC bombing.

You are so right the PSPCA does not have any right to less than due process nor does it have any right to trespass. Nor should any court in the land grant by previous fiat such a right as probable cause.
To rue such a travesty of common law does not reimburse those who have suffered from the childish behavior of dictatorial addiction; imposed from the sanctity of the house of cards, brought upon by over intellectualizing, thusly twisting perceived responsibility not given nor earned, but as thieves stole from this Republic blessed by God, and magnified by God above and beyond mans wildest imagination. As this Republic has been blessed so to by it's document and by God; an eye for an eye, the people by means peccable as the vote should and shall retake this Republic back from the thefting and restore it to such that is may once again able to dwell in the presence of God without shame.

Oooh look at this. Obama getting on the big brother band wagon.....That'll work. The invasion forces won't be tempted to destroy the cell phone networks they will be tempted to use them.....BWHAHAHAHAHA!

In the meantime the battle before the invasion continues. The conquering of Europe by immigration.

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