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Monday, November 1, 2010

I believe it.

I suppose there will or are many who would say impossible. Is there a code in the Bible? Whole History channel show on the subject.

Again, I believe it. Could we use it to predict the future? YES we could if we knew what to input into the computerized decoder.....Ya got to know the question, well..... it doesn't quite work like that but for the generic answers to dummies that will have to do.

Is it God speaking to mankind. Yes I think it is. Should we rely on it completely? Hmmm. I see an issue where many would rely upon it only excluding the surface of it which for individuals is the meat of life. In other words if you don't do the ten commandments and the golden rule you could do a lot of harm. Not good.

Will I personally be getting a hold of the matrix software? Might be something to keep my eyes open for. If one lands in my metaphorical lap I'll count it as God sending me a copy. That'd be cool too.

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