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Monday, November 1, 2010

Thanks Eugene for inspiring this.

For men today though; I don't think it shall always be this way eternally, it is incumbent to live life however it is given to you. for if I live not though my life appears to have not purpose in living it I serve yet one. How not to live that others may yet live better than I. To do otherwise would be the ultimate selfishness.

In this even the homeless and hopeless serve as an outlet for love.

I have experienced the freedom of the homeless but a real blessing is to experience the freedom of the homeless when you indeed actually have a home. I have had both.

The hateful and the haters can never know life nor really know internal freedom for they are imprisoned in a torture chamber full of their failures. Whence I too could torture myself moment by moment of dreams lost, and tout the successes as proof that I am yet able, negating in my mind the fact that I am not physically capable, living in a dream world that does not exist, I will still live, laugh, and love, through my bitter defeats because I know that in my heart I wanted dearly for everyone to be happy. In this my greatest failure, I could not present to the world the Utopia that everyone desired for themselves.
So I withdraw into myself in joy, knowing that I meant well, that there is goodness in me to give of myself should the need to give ever arise.
Meanwhile I receive the peace of giving the homeless man a five; shaking his hand, and appreciating the relief in his eyes and the thankfull blessing from his lips.

In that moment the rest of the world hangs in it's place; and the respite in my heart, a moment of quiet, that I have within my power to cause an others heart to retain hope, that there is still good in this world. That there is yet reason to continue on, that in his being he has fulfilled a greater destiny in allowing someone else to give sacrificially; he representing the weakest of mankind, strengtheneth mankind as a whole, before the Almighty's eyes, that yet there is something worthy in man to save; that not all was in vain.

In the chain of men if we break the weakest of links we sever our own connection to life itself and are not worthy of living. But if we will but give of our lives in service to the weakest, we shall yet find that we indeed deserve to live and have right to claim it.

So you have done Tann. You have claimed it and so you shall live indeed. Seeing as how the world comes alive for you in your servitude, duly teaching in perseverance, all who would learn, you do a service; for it is written, all men are taught of God, you are candle in the dark shedding light for others to see, of knowledge, that they may learn to live more fully.

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