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Friday, November 19, 2010

I love it....We got the stick....And I am all for pounding the bleep out of them where ever we find them...Soviet tanks of that era were ill prepared and the Soviets combat strategies were far less flexible than ours are....Our commanders will likely not be so stupid as to use them in mountains so much but there is a huge plain area were tanks are far better suited where there is much fighting. If they did decide to use them in the mountains the M1 which is hugely well armored would be the best possible weapon to bring to bear....

If they've decided to bring the mortar version of the stryker into is or will see less use I am thinking.... It's mobility and design is for plasticized battle fronts mainly. It's ability to bring indirect firepower accurately and instantly is awesome. I do love that my fellow Finns have built what may be the best of these mobile mortars systems in the world and I hate it that we have opted to purchase some foreign design for mobile infantry but never the less the stryker 120 mobile mortar system is an excellent build.

I love the idea of the 105 mobile gun system but my main problem with it; the armor on it makes it less survivable in my opinion than the Abrams, especially in this asymmetric war we are currently fighting. It is best suited for mobile infantry on the attack and less suited for occupational duties. The Abrams because of it's speed, maneuverability, firepower, and armor second to none, is more versatile. In this case I see an excellent use for forward basing the 105 mobile gun system in the mountainous regions, where the superior optics and targeting make it an excellent; I think, weapon for counter fire against the harassing attacks favored by the guerrilla's, which are almost always using line of sight fighting tactics....

Almost always in guerrilla warfare the enemy in the field gets off the first shot. To win those fights you must be able to absorb the first blow and return a fire so punishing as to make it nearly completely disadvantageous to attack.

I would like to see drones available for every single patrol that goes out to help keep an eye on their flanks... ambushing ambushers is the best defense against ambushes. I like the ramp up in interdictive drone strikes....It's about time.... Be cool to see 24/7 layered predator and super predator flights covering one hundred percent of the Afghany border. No compromise I game in my head will do.

In the case of a people who are bent on suicide like Muslim mujaheddin surviving an initial attack and then killing them off in the counter response is key to winning victory. It demoralizes them and shows them that God is not on their side. They will quit when they realize that for the time being either tactically; or in the case I am referring to strategically, to put off for another day the fight against us infidels is God's will.

In fact they may be beginning to realize that a direct military invasion of the US is the only solution to their problems... By their Koran the only proper use of Jihad. Direct frontal assault of the strongholds of the infidels. That be us the United States of America. Fortunately for you and me they don't have the logistical transport and support system to do that with but I got a know that that will change.

To this comment here I further add__________________________________________

Right now they are having some difficulty reconciling why they are losing an historical 6 or 7 million people a year to Christianity.... Their normal tactics of terror and horrortypical suppression and second classing are not but fueling the spread of Christianity amongst themselves and it is growing....And why new converts to Islam are not staying (in the US the recidivism rate is 75 % )....They are realizing that some tragedy has occurred....

Jesus puts it this way...Do good unto those who would do evil unto you. The Muslims are now beginning to see that when Jesus the Christ comes into the fray directly his war which is a war in righteousness saves men from their sins makes them whole and; brings peace into their hearts and a completes them. Finding the need no longer to carryout some atrocity as a point of contrition to the almighty frees them from the evil that they are taught from nye unto birth.

I reiterate that Jesus is directly involved through the visions and dreams now in the nation of Islam and I praise God for the millions of Islamics who are accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior each and every year.

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