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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Is this coincedence?

Or is there something more going on at a level that most of mankind does not understand, cannot understand.

I send my wife off a plane and the next day I find nearly a whole page of articles about airport security. BTW the airport looked rather empty. Lets face it people are not flying as much anymore. As far as security? Ok. I get it. My wife being disabled needed a wheel chair to get through to the gate. I got to escort her also but I noticed that the gate area was empty.

Compared to pre-nine eleven, they are veritable ghost towns..... I removed from my person my pocket knife before I left home. I gave my wife instruction to just buy most of what she needed when she got there.

Funny story: After seeing my wife off; while waiting the airport shuttle, I got on what looked like the shuttle....only it was a limo type of shuttle. First thing I noticed was the leather seating. Which I said; leather seats, I don't think I am on the right buss....I showed the driver my parking stub and asked, is this the right shuttle"? He said, "no", look for the red, white, and blue airport shuttles. Heee had a weird look on his face. Sooo I got off. There was a group of people sitting near there. I said; there is something...If you look scruffy and get on the airport limo by mistake you will get some strange looks.....They laughed.

The reason there won't be a one world government under atheists or man or Muslim? Cause people who get the cushy jobs of administering; well they take all the pay, and then complain that there isn't enough money to do what they came to do, and then the people who are supposed to benefit will get pissed off because of some death and tragedy, and will tear government officious greedy bastards up.

And as usual the Muslims break out in Panic and raise some mayhem because there are more than 6 million muslims a year coming to believe that Jesus is God worldwide. Remember my earlier article?....You know the one where for every person that was slaughtered in whats that country....Jesus got 25. They killed 200,000 in an ongoing purge; there were about one million Christians now there are 5 million.....Kindof like throwing water on a gasoline fire. It just spreads the fuel where there is 'heat and spark', spreads the flames of Jesus righteousness....

Aaaaah. Rangel found to have violated the rules......Next step the full committee....

I was watching a show where a preacher was expounding upon the mark of the beast....aaaand he inserts in versus one word for another. He inserts the Antichrist for beast.....clearly violating the curse spelled out at the end of the book....Did you know that Muslims are Antichrist....That's right. Muslims do not believe in a Savior sent from God.....They believe that Islam the religion is God's salvation for men. They do not believe that Jesus is the Son of God nor dwells in God. They also do not believe in God as Love but see him as judgement.

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