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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Top wage earners.

While many think that the top wage earners are not paying their 'fair share' of income taxes the truth is they pay a huge protion of what is paid. Problem is the people who are saying that they are not paying their fare share are not wrong.

Even though the top 1 percent of income generators are paying more that the other 95% combined. Never the less( though I have not found the dollar figures yet) the top 1 percent pay a lower percentage of thier income than the rest. 2% I heard once; a long time ago; in a universe far far away.

Simple solution to the problem. I would bet that a 10% straight rate income tax would fix that. Or how about this one. 13 % with deductions for charitable contributions of a maximum 3%. And a maximum poverty rate of 0%. Poverty is at $20,000.00. No taxes for them. The whole thing is simplified so much that the actual cost of enforcement drops right out the bottom.

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