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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The last vestiges of a once proud empire

Probably needs editing:

North Korea is indeed the last of what Ronald Reagan once called the evil empire. Maintained only by closed borders and closed negotiations. Using big brother tactics going so far as to install speakers in every home controlled by the state, to ensure dominance of the citizens information.
The problem with such a 'lead by the nose attitudes' is that the state must have a manufactured emergency situation to justify to the subconscious of the people in order to keep them working hard. With out such the people would not be able to justify to themselves why they should continue to work for a state master. The problem with any thing built upon such lies is that eventually; as the state government, which has to create even greater and greater false calamities to protect it's monopoly, the people grow weary and revolt. In North Korea the revolts are likely not violent but passive, even subconscious.....They do not work as hard. It is even likely a revolt of the subconscious.

I imagine the whole idea of complete state control was conceptualized by some genius who studied ant colonies, thinking what a wonderful thing it would be if mankind was not but ants. The problem with that idea is that even a human embryo within a short period of fertilization has more brain power than an ant.

Its gets worse for the atheists. Man is not engineered to be cooped up in an ant hill. Man has a natural curiosity about everything under the sun. The ideal of men working in a forced cooperative(North Korea); as opposed to volunteer cooperative; fails just because of natural curiosity. An atheist must consider that that curiosity cannot be eliminated. I would would think that, that would be funny that atheists would be so small minded if they had not of been so murderous and callous twards life in general. But they have been. Communism has been a blight to planet earth and has held man back from achieving ultimacy; not an engine for prosperity and achievement. Free men have not held back communism, and atheism. Atheism has held back atheism and communism.

I know that atheist don't want to hear why, but I am going to say it anyway....Fear of death. If you have no God and there is no afterlife, then there is no reason to do anything for anybody but yourself. Mankind is smart enough to know that if there is no reason to work so hard that it kills you, there is nothing good to work for in the end, then why work any harder than you have too.

Atheists don't want to die for anyone or anything. Yet atheists are the most dead; They are the zombies of the horror shows. Living on earth. They believe there is no God and therefore no reason can be had on earth to appreciate the things of earth but what is right in front of them..... It leads them to not care for life at all. They hate themselves and everyone and everything around them. They destroy life, there own and others out of that hatred.

I can't imagine that I am the only one to come to this conclusion. But I can tell you that I have never read any thesis or writing on this material. Truth is I have only read what a normal person gets in the news or on TV and now on the Internet. If I have come to this conclusion, how many others have?

Creativity is unleashed by the freedom of men not by the enslavement of them. God is about the freedom of men not the enslavement of them and I for one shall not ever truly work for any man or government save that which is about true freedom. Not the false brainwashed freedom of the North Koreans, atheism or communism.

My condolences to the soldiers of South Korea and to their families. May they rest in peace for they died for the cause of freedom. The freedom of a man to determine his own destiny.

I suspect that North Korea was thoroughly surprised at the accuracy and destructiveness of the counter battery fire. The results of free men's minds are far more productive .

North Korea would be well put to loosen the noose as much if not more than it's giant neighbor to the north. Elst wise they will always be not but a puppet state.

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