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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Federal Reserve Prints the money

The Government then sells bonds the Federal Reserve buys those bonds which it then earns interest on; the government then takes the borrowed money and divies it out according to it's criteria which includes sending copious amounts over seas to drop the value of the dollar which makes American exports more attractive which makes the idea of building factories in the US more attractive which employe's more of us nobodies which then.....Do I might hear the sounds of a wheel slooooowly moving; but can it keep going?....What is it's maximum RPM's (so to speak)?
It all depends.....First it must spin up to speed; proper balance must be in the economic engine. If the engine is not balanced it will just break down again....leading to a bumpy ride....steady as she goes and no ADHD leaders allowed.... Also If this matter of the Health care industry is not addressed and this abomination of a health care bill is not repealed....well it will all sink again any way.

My personal thoughts....long term...? Prayer in school solves the long term because; not but Jesus can save the day, and create the stability and righteousness that the people crave for themselves and their nation.

Jesus brings stability and peace in any and all nations under any form of government that allows him and his people.

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