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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Magnificent article at Wizbang

Yup. Insult the majority of voters and they will vote for your idea right? Call them stupid and ignorant and they will vote for you. Or tell them they are too stupid to understand the intricacy's of what highly highly schooled are trying to do and they will vote for your stuff.

This not quite highly schooled individual will look at his paycheck or lack of it and say I could care less about the intricacy's of what you are trying to do; because I cannot put a roof over my head or food on my table for me and my family, with your intricacy's. I am going to come to the logical and right decision that the lefts intricacy's are wrong.

What he(Obama) really just said to me is that though he has tons of education he still is incompetent as a communicator.

The reality is he(Obama) is truly incompetent in his own recognisance. The public just pulled a suplex on him and his party, and they are still disoriented and dizzy from the flip and slam.

Just like a boxer who has just been knocked out; wakes up and says,....whaaat happened?


As an add on to this comment I got the distinct feeling that the socio-communists were trying to goad the American people into a shootin revolt. What I figure the people did was picked up on the subliminal efforts. What I also figured is the People said noooo the only thing that the socio-commies get are 'FIRED' and not what they really wanted which was fired upon..... BWHAHAHAHAH! Or should I say MWHA HA HA!

The President got a mandate to change things. The voters were first worried about their paycheck. They expected him to address their paycheck first and only. Health care which bit him in the but and has been a prickly pear for every president who has addressed the issue definitely should have been but on the back burner until the economy was healthy again. Instead of brought up to the front burner.
Health care is desert after a good hearty meal. Well appreciated....Served up before the main course is not healthy for anyone.

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