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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The US Economy Must recover

No kidding Sherlock.....One worlders are a crock. Do you know what a chamber pot is? The reason that one worlders failed is because they took to the thought that if the US gave up it's industrial base and went to a service base they could make themselves richer. They forgot that if the industrial base goes away in US the very thing that made for wealth would go away as well. Income for the weakest individuals societal wise. But now that is what you get when you educate the people into believing that the educated are more elite. Elitism is what you get when you try to turn a nation away from God. Out of the elites has come every war known to man. Every atrocity, every horror that man has propagated against man on earth. You can be wealthy with out carrying the burden of considering yourself an elite.
Whether you have much money or not no man stands above the other. It is important for mankind to see each other as even.

There is no way for different individuals to be economically equal. The younger generations who are now experiencing economic decline due to pride should be figuring that out; now that many millions of them have lost their homes and millions have joined the homeless crowd, their attitude of eliteness does not lead to economic stability.

If you become wealthy it does not mean you become assholes to keep your wealth. You have just been given much more responsibility to/for your fellow man.

This article I link to is Obama playing the waffle now understanding what (not that I could say that he reads my stuff) I or people like me are saying. The problem is the people who have been taught that industry is filthy are not broken of that yet.

So I am going to say this one more time....No factories employing the little people, no economic prosperity. The elites by cutting off the little people have cut off their own feet and legs. With out the little people their is no positive movement for the economy. It is stagnant.

Wealth is built from the bottom up not the top down.

Want to know what to do with that trillion dollars sitting on the sidelines.....Build one thousand factories in the US employing one thousand little people each and the economy will recover.

Noooo compromise will do. Expanding current factories will not do. Build brand new ones.

You won't hear this from any other source but me. Remember, build them with God, for God, by God, because without God you'll just make stupid foolish decisions. Plus God can make your foolishness work. Not you nor any wisdom known to men can make anything work.


WHOA! A Chinese company downgrades US credit. BAM!

Chinese industrial output already ahead of the US...It is only a matter of time before they achieve overall economic parity. YA ya the article says something different; or so it appears; but read it to the bottom, that is where you get the industrial figures. Even though they don't call it industrial output that is what it means.

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