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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The North and the South.

Why we got to keep troops in South Korea....Becaaaase the North keeps shooting at the South.
I am one who believes that if a belligerent takes a shot at me it falls under a Hammurabi like code. Hit back so hard the would be bully would think that that hurt.....Funny how the North disassociates the food aid with their behavior. I would be willing to bet that the food aid gets turned into military rations. The North Koreans are not mentally well; what are the Communists or something? Proof that Socialism does not work.

Whatever makes the country such thing I think.....Nasty little habit that can get a country into a lot of trouble....because the government can go too far in making a country safe...Look at North Korea....they are nearly perfectly safe for an individual....Safe until they really do something stupid and get invaded and annihilated....Them days are coming....
They remind me of spoiled little toddlers hitting their parents for not getting their way. In my day we would have just snatched that child up and wupped the demons out of them. That BTW is what North Korea needs. To get the demons wupped out of them. It is a fallacy to think that you can sit safely behind somebody else's wall or shield and taunt your enemies. Eventually the shield holder will get tired of your .....and snatch you up and whup your ass themselves.

How many people remember what happened right after the Vietnam war.....China for some reason got ticked at Vietnam and invaded. It is still conjecture as to how it went but the Chinese army did not get too far with that and by the accounts I heard got soundly defeated and retreated.... Kind of goes along with never get into fight with someone who's just been in a fight. They are still pumped up from the fight and will likely stomp your ass. If China would have been it for keeps instead of lesson teaching they would have won but if you get into it for punitive measures and don't go all the way, well.....

Now you know why I say don't be screwing with me. You never know if I will go all the way or not. I got my criteria. And there are definitely multiple paths to eliminating a problem without going nuclear. Money is usually a key but bribery is not one of my tools. Bribery is just an enabler of bad behavior. Taking away money from the proud humiliates them but usually the message is the same....Either way hedonistic socialism does not work. One more thing....Using food like it is a carrot for a nation that is just plain stupid animalistic behavior on the wests part....

Just because you throw a lion a steak does not make the lion less a lion. How many time over the last 50 years have animal trainers discovered that the moment you turn your back on one of those beasts they maul you to death.

First you near beat the animal to death and then you make it do what you want and right at the point that it is about to die then give it a little. But you watch it very carefully. If the predator in it is not dead you will see it expressed around the eyes....If that is not dead in it then it will be dangerous to you when it regains it's strength. You'll just have to kill it anyway.

That is the lot of North Korea. They are not but a thorn, eventually when their utility wears out they will be destroyed.

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