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Thursday, December 9, 2010

And the debate with her honor herecomesthefatlady continues

Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: David Bellamy comment

Date: Dec 09, 2010

Message: "I have a bunch of other ideas too, but this format likely does not give me incentive to be too long winded. My typing skills and grammer are bad, and it is a frustration to me."

Your communication skills are excellent and your integrity is immense.

Kind regards,



To -fatlady

You are too kind; if not for spell checker and writing this on an editor first it would be atrocious. You seem to engender a desire in me to be more careful and precise in my answers. I must apologize for last nights entry as I was somewhat punch drunk having been obsessively on the computer all night.

I want to answer as to where I am from. I am from the US. I am part native American enough so that I have the right to register for all the benefits due; under treaties signed by the Government with my blood lines; Creek, or Cherokee tribes. I Am in the land of Native America, Oklahoma.

I am what is referred to as deeply religious though I do hate that terminology; for I do have a personal relationship of the heart with my Lord. It is indeed a Love relationship.

I have a deep and abiding respect with the English and am somewhat distressed to think that that culture is under threat; in my opinion. It is rich and I see a huge blessing that has been placed upon England. I love their feisty attitude coupled with the mastery of intonational honesty. It is a lovely way of speaking. It is a lesson in how to say what you want yet humbly so.

I have not read yet the second entry so I send this in the blind.

Sincerely and respectfully so

Be blessed



Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: David Bellamy comment Hello again.

Where I agree:

I take your point that capitalism is not unfettered in the US - there is a very fine balance between over-regulation and under-regulation. I loved your statement "All we need to get things going is honesty truth Integrity and fair minded people at the top of these corporations. This big corporate attitude is the same fascist mentality during the days of Nazi Germany." I absolutely agree! There are such things as ethical companies - more often than not co-operatives - who are very public in their proceedings. However, their business model is not as productive as bare-faced free-market capitalist companies such as Philip Morris, which explains why they only make up 5% of the economy.

Where I question (I don't want to say disagree!):

"The reason the world is not consuming is because it is not in their culture to do so, and it is going to take 20 to 40 years to develop that."

The reason the (third) world is not consuming is complex and not due to lack of will. I have friends in Kenya and Ethiopia who would love to have the kind of lifestyle that we enjoy - but because the free market works by feeding the rich at the expense of the poor they never will. Then there is capacity. The IEA say that if we continue to consume oil at the current rate, it will only last for 30 more years - irrespective of growth in demand and how much more difficult and expensive it is to produce. Limitless growth is a physical impossibility. My understanding of the current economic crisis is that it is as much to do with the limits of growth being reached as of banking stupidity.

So where does regulation fit into all this? Basically we have to expect more regulation as resources run low. What we should be working hard to get is regulation with a heart - exactly as you say - get "honesty truth Integrity and fair minded people at the top" - but be prepared to expect less.

God bless,

Sent to: erksron Dec 09, 2010


And to you I say hello also,

Ahhhh. Resources. I see massive amounts of energy in the sun. I see more resources in carbon. Carbon nanotubes; the stuff of carbon composites, gives man all of the material he needs to build what ever he may desire. I am no scientist but Wikipedia has a wonderful article. They have found that the bonds between molecules is much greater than diamonds. We have not perfected these technologies but I think man shall. We have at our fingertips the potential the technology. All that needs to happen is to spread it commercially.

There is some rumblings much disputed about oil being created by more than natural forces. That has my curiosity up... If so then.....Quite speculative on my part....For my part here in the US I have been certainly part of a battle to free us from big oil which I think traces to the middle east. A proponent for a move to hydrogen, solar, and wind power. We are battling against a well funded well oiled machine(pun intended).

For our part we have way over consumed. We are burdened with our material possessions. I know this. Our cup runneth over. I fully agree with you in that I also see that the problem with third world consumption is indeed corruption. Corrupt Governments, corrupt business men. I see no plausible reasoning with the corrupt. I have watched as very serious efforts have been made to negotiate with these nations and entities but I no good coming from it. Instead the corruption has entrenched itself here. 20 years ago I could brag that the main reason the US was so prosperous was due to the lack of corruption; not so today.

I have no peaceable solution to these troubles. I want but I think I am left wanting there.

With much respect

God Bless


What I did not add to this thought I sent her but edited out is:

I cannot say truly that I fear; for I do not fear it, nor do I welcome this, but once again mankind is approaching the brink of war. I think it is inevitable. We are approaching the final wars. The ones that will make the first and second war look like brushfires.

I know this is not conducive to continued conversation but I am compelled to say it. I believe it.
I hope I am wrong but there is nothing that is happening right now to suggest other wise.

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