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Sunday, December 5, 2010


I see 'the' pattern. There are the lies the deceits, subterfuge; everything from alien invasion to big brother. Imperialism and anarchy all operating at the same time has(past tense)caused most people to wait for clearer information or completely disregard as crackpot denied as maybe libelous. Until an ill wind began to blow starting on 9/11/2001. As the smoke from the burning BS clears we see the enemy coming through the haze and oh look; is it Islam? Making it's run?
Conspire they have.

Yet as the building's went down a festering boil was lanced. The puss of insane conniving's that have led our country to not see that we were by assailed from governments in the middle east.

Swinging away at windmills like the fabled Don Quixote; we have legislated ourselves nearly into oblivion, but along comes Mr Teaparty; brought in on a white horse named Constitution, to save the day. Bringing with him a set of optical lenses called the truth. Salving the wounded souls; who have fought for so long to retain the blessings of life, "liberty, and, the pursuit of happiness". Reinvigorated and dressed for battle we now take our stand.

Come what may this republic shall last till there not be man upon earth. That is our lot till judgement day for the Lord he is with us.

Let us gird ourselves with his word and and strengthen ourselves with his love. This nation was created under God and by him we serve and none else shall we place before him...

So help us God.

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