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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Nannoo Nannoo

So said the famous alien portrayed by Robin Williams in the old television show Mork and Mindy, But here is a car for $2200.00 in India that is likely austere, I could be enticed to buy..... It's a beware though. It is fighting a battle of not only perception but likely foolishness on the manufacturer's own part. With rumors of taking land from poor people to putting combustible parts atop the exhaust system.....If are true is certainly premium stupidity. I know that looks like an oxymoron... So I will explain it better for you all.

The premium is the price they pay for being dumb @sses about selling a car to the poor people but taking land away from the poor people. It is the price paid for not thinking to protect the poorest by making the car very safe. It is a high price. It is the high price of greed. It is a premium price paid by the heartless greedy.. a price they always pay.... You cannot ef money. Well after thinking about it you can if you don't mind paper cuts on your........ You cannot eat it either, and you sure can't eat what you bought with it unless it is really food.

However. I can say that there is also a serious industrial battle going on so all of this could be simply conjecture on the part of news media.

All in all because they thought to bring transportation to the masses they get the neutral from me.... that means keep trying. Fix the idiocies and keep selling it. Or go under I don't care.

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