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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: David Bellamy comment

Date: Dec 11, 2010

Message: Erksron

Thank you so much for that. I just had to sit down and read it again out loud to my wife - she just sat back open-mouthed and when I had finished we agreed that you have a wonderful and fascinating family history and a terrific way of writing. You have a book in you.

There are a couple of things that I don't understand - for example what are medical rights? What does legal 3/32 native mean? (Is it a fraction of your native American parentage - but if so why is it legally recognised?)

You are making me look at my own family history in a new light. If I were to put it down in the same way as you have, through the stories from my parents, it would become more interesting.

For example how my mother's family were excluded from the bomb-shelters during the war because the family were Christadelphian conscientious objectors. How, as a result during the bombing raids my Mum had to hide under a reinforced table (called a Morrison shelter). One night after the air raid sirens went off she hid under the table just before a bomb took out part of the back wall of the house. The rest of the family had been under the stairs and came out expecting her to have been killed - but the shelter saved her. After that when local people realised that my Grandfather was working for the Red Cross on the front lines and was saving lives they allowed my Mum's family into the community shelter.

Mum told me much about the war - I have many of her stories. How a clock she was saving for was destroyed when a bomb took out the shop. How she saw the head of her friend in the rubble of her house. How her sister died of TB only months before antibiotics became available. How they found a dead shrew in the milk but still drank it because of rationing. I remember that every time we heard an air-raid warning on a TV documentary or drama, Mum would shake with fear.

My Dad was far more taciturn. He was an air-raid warden in London (too young for conscription) and saw horrible things - and saved lives. After the war he was conscripted to the air-force as a wireless operator and sent to India. There he caught malaria and saw or experienced something he never talked about but which led to him suffering years of mental exhaustion. Despite his emotional challenges, my Dad was a loving, gentle and hard-working man. Both my parents have now passed on - Mum from Cancer when she was 60, Dad from an accident when he was 82. I miss them both very much indeed.

My great grand-parents on both sides were farmers or were involved with farming. My grandfather on my Dad's side was a groom for the horses of Lord Ragley.

I have many more stories from my family history - you have really inspired me to think about writing them down.

I urge you to interview your family - I would love to hear more of your history. Please, if you have time, send me a link to your website.

Thank you so much - and God bless,



The 3/32 is a conjugation of math.

That is the amount reported (1/4) to the United States government early in the 1900's carried out to me. I have yet to confirm this. I have asked repeatedly of my mother and received various answers that have led me to some confusion in the matter. At one time I believed that I was only 1/128th Native. My mother is 72 and confined to a wheel chair suffering from emphysema and on oxygen. The answer I gave you was my math after these questions. I must apologise again. In my effort to make this short I have I reconciled everything I knew with the rumors.... My legal status is 1/64th; if I apply to be on the native roles, which I would likely apply as Creek. But that is only the Creek....(I embarrass my self). I then doubled that using family lore. I then threw in the amount of my own speculation gained by simple observation. My mother looks too native...obviously. Taken that; out of apparent fear, my mom has obfuscated the whole issue. Why? I can only speculate.

I refuse to live in fear of anything or anyone. I owe God that.

The Medical benefits due were from the treaties signed between the Native Americans and the US Government. The the US promised to take care of the Natives in perpetuity in all aspects of their lives in exchange for them moving to Oklahoma.....It was an offer made to entice Natives to move voluntarily from their lands out east to the then territory of OK. Later on they were forcibly evicted and marched; under army guard, in the 1850's(I think) to the territory..

To this day there are Reservations in the US that are; by treaty, with the US government, separate foreign lands within the borders of the United States. It is a technicality. In practice the Federal government reserves the right to enter in to these lands. The states; out of order with the constitution, can negotiate with the tribes.....

I oft wonder where words really originate from. Embarrass does seem to break down into em-barr-ass..... I take the risk of saying sometimes; when I am only repeating someone elses lie, because I really want to believe.

The truth is, I think your family history is more shattering than mine. It is numbing for me to imagine the incredible cacaphony and horrors and visions that must have been. Huddeling in a house with the detonations coming ever closer.... It makes me near ill myself thinking of it.

Perhaps I could write a book of fiction; but you sir, may have a movie in yours.

All is well,

Be blessed.

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