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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I been watching all this about that congresswoman

And outside of the same ol' political back and fourth I have yet to determine the who or what of the whole thing.

Ya I know the guys name, and that he looks kindof whacko, and that he threatened the Congresswoman in 2007, but outside of that I think that the left is getting the idea they need to tone down the insane false accusations.... After all this one just bit them right smack in the........reality gene.

I do have one thing to say. It is the left wing phycho-olgists who foist nuts on the rest of society, with their oh just give them the right pill and tell them now now johnny make sure you take your medicine.....How many people have died needlessly because phychnuts phychologists say that they don't want to insult a patients privacy.....

I think you people do make a mistake. For instance did any one know that you cannot enter into a contract with a nut....It is null and void...... You didn't know that? I guarantee you that the phycho pros knew that, but noooo can't tell anyone they are nuts.....

Hey I heard an interesting number once. A very significant fraction of the phyciatric field is self medicating for some phychiatric malady or other..... Ouch; the nuts are treating the nuts.....

Don't know if it is still true now or not but the highest rate of suicide amongst professionals was in the phychiatric field.... You know why?..... they are insane..... Everyone knows that being suicidal is insane.


  1. My hubby is a long time physician, and he has always said that psychologists/psychiatrists are all nuts themselves. I believe him. Through the years I have met many and it seems to be true.

    Right Truth

  2. Boy howdy. My wife's issues got worse not better after she went to a psychiatrist.
    Since she started our marriage has nearly busted up twice.
    I would say more but all I have are some nasty words.


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