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Thursday, January 13, 2011


"In an era that struggles with contentment, Paul's advice to Timothy seems especially relevant: "Godliness with contentment is great gain" (1 Timothy 6:6). We live in an era that teaches us to be discontent, and reinforces it through a variety of media. Yet we receive little advice or example on how to really be content. Even in the church, the very place that could teach us so much about this spiritual discipline of contentment, we often find a focus on bringing us the latest music and other media in an attempt to be relevant. In other words, the worship programming sometimes empowers our consumerism rather than tempers it."

I guess I have to come out of the closet....I am a minimalist.....Sort of forced but then again a I do prescribe to the minimalist maxim: "use it up; wear it out; make do; or do without".

You all know that the American dream to have your own place to call your own has been has been supplanted by the obsession with acquisition.... And I have been no less in an acquiring mode all of my life. Many people who have followed me know that I have been married multiple times and I am in my fourth marriage now which I have hinted; that I am extremely unhappy with right now. For the very reason that even though I go for minimalism I still want stuff.....It is like this war with myself that has been never ending.
The reason my marriage is in disrepair is simple. I have a personal rule I follow; which curbs my purchasing.... "everything in it's place and a place for everything". If there is no place for it; get the place for it, and then buy it. I HAAATE clutter.

Maybe it was banging my shin on my mom and dads 500 pound slate coffee table, that forced my attention against clutter (I have multiple chips in my shin bones thanks to that cast iron, wood, and slate monstrosity). Trust me you don't want to experience chipping a bone. It freaking hurts for months.... Maybe it is because as a kid and a child I was always being pressed to move it get it done and; " WHAT THE HELL IS TAKING YOU SO LONG". I learned to be efficient. Very efficient. I learned to put things in an order that was sequential and also to put the immediate use items out front; to organize in such a way so that at a moments notice I could grab and go, and to have the minimum number items to pick up.

I spent 14 months living out of my car late last century(long story), and to be honest the truth is I loved the sense of freedom it brought. Outside of the challenges of keeping clean I can say I now know what it feels like to be beholden to no one. It's wonnnnderful. Better-n' being a kid. to be alone with none but you and God is awesome. God makes for good loving company. something you can't get from any human being. Even though there is no real verbal communication except you talking with the Father. Just lots of Love...Overflowing Love. You would get the belly flowing with rivers of living water thing. There are just some things in life that are worth more than all the gold and silver of men.

At any rate the linked article is about someone else from this neck of the woods who has done a bit more research on the subject.....


  1. "A place for everything, and everything in it's place" was something my mother taught me and I have always tried to live by that motto. I'm very organized. My hubby on the other hand... well, he's Mr. Clutter. Drives me nuts sometimes, probably drives him nuts sometimes, but we've learned to accept each other as we are for many many years.

    Right Truth

  2. Ya funny how that is.... Course Being the man I am somehwat derided for trying to keep things neet and organizied... No help from the wife there. I don't know what to do.... She's been in Virginia and due back any day and I almost have everything cleaned up. She will just clutter it up again.


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