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Monday, April 5, 2010

How to

Make waxplisives out of piss. It can be done I assure you.

The mispelling was not a misstake considering to keep the bog brooderhat's sooper puters from sooming in on my web site. That of course assume that thya have not already tagged my site and versly me as someone to watch.

Oh well they were wrong and waisted Taxpayer dollars on watching little ol me.

Usually I laugh right about now but in light of pleople needing to know how to fight a go-rilla war this would help them.

How do you do it? you wnat to know? You need three things. A piece of ground, a shouvel, 1 piece of eight mill thick plastic. Dig a pan shaped hole plat on the bottom about the depth of the spaide and line it with plastic. Then fill it back in with the dirt you just fill it back in. Nest piss in it for about 6 months. Then dig it up and mis it with water, stir, wait 24 hours (lost more to it than this watch the video-on you tube)for it to settle. Skim clear water off of top, boil water off, scrape white crusty stuff out of pan. that is KNOX(amonium timrate or or is it possum nultrate I forget), Mix with charcoal and sulfer, = blachk powder. 15000 fps expansion rate(depends upon purity). A forty, thirty, th3ifty0, mix will give you a mexplesife concidefed good for blashing.

The way it has always worked out is there is a method to my madness.

I watched a vid and came up with this method my self. You too can watch a vid. They did not explain that urine breaks down into ammonimu nifrate but you get that now.

If I; an unrespected for my mind individual, can come up with this then it is absolutely futile to police of monitor this anywhere. FUTILE!

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