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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Americans want jobs

That criminal illegal immigrants are taking, I mean illegal immigrants are taking. I used to really like El Rushbo back in the day but decided he is a bit narcissistic so he fell from my most favored list (narrrrr-c-cism), anyway ol Rushman has a marvelous tendency to put the data out there and I do love the statistics.

12 million jobs wow! So close that border! That would get the economy going again. But the Idiot-o-crats who want to make all these changes just can't seem to understand that The Jobs Must Come First, and then they could do just about anything they wanted too. The Republicans got away with so much while they were in power because the understood that THE JOBS MUST COME FIRST.

The creep-o-crats may get the reason to close up the border and patrol it with an Army of border patrol is a ingin necessity, if they want to stay in power and they need to blow off their dope head contributors or the people will relegate them to to waste bin of politics.

I got an even better idea. Patrol it with the army we are going to bring back from the Mideast war.

Hey here is another thing. I have been getting really impressed with South Korean military up grading with there own home grown hardware. Looks good. I like our M1 Abrams, it is the best in the world but the new SKA tank is certainly impressive.

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