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Friday, June 4, 2010

The cap is on the gusher

And apparently they are able to suck some oil out of the well. However according the news captions there is still a notable amount of oil leaking from the well head. In the mean time the president who is furious is heading to the gulf for the third time for a direct update and another look see. The ol' general leading from the front sort of thing.

Now you may think this is druther droll and foolish because I don't know wha' the article really said but you also know how the media is with their bullshit, but it also highlights the marketing bullshit of the media's Hollywood-ism in writing and reporting sensationalism rather than the truth..

So I know for a fact that they don't think that the cap will completely seal the leak and I know for a fact that the president should be mad. Or should he?. He should be bummin out. If he is mad then he is a proud man and pride do cometh before a fall. I also ain't putting any faith in the gov. doing anything to the cooperate liars. In other words I will be happy if and when they do.

In the mean time the pres. has to ignore the rest of the world in order to put out the political fires raging here at home. Yeah he is a proud man but he set his own house on fire like the dumbass that he is. He has no one but himself to blame and he damn straight can't say that he wasn't warned. Lawyers don't really know shit about being politicians and statesmen. Oh wait maybe they know to much about being politicians and states men and not enough about how to be human.

Truman was a politician and a statesman but he knew the sting of defeat and he also remembered where he came from. Nothing. Oblama came from nothing but he's got the pride of someone who has never known defeat.

It is heart warming to see proud men get kicked in the nuts.

You know when God got tired of Israel's shit he invaded them back in the days of Nebuchadnezzar. The USA needs invading to kill off a bunch of the shitty people and attitudes that have cropped up in it. I do believe God is tired of the USA's ............

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