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Saturday, June 5, 2010

You are either an American or you are not

The media is so stupid and divisive. I just caught another article in which a little girl was called something other than American. She was called an "Indian-American". If she was born to Naturalized Americans then she is a citizen of the USA nic., American. Cudos to her win in the spelling bee. Either you are an American or you are not.

In other news the Israelis snatch boat in second attempt at blockade breaking , this time with out a hitch apparently. Good for them.

As far as the international outrage over the first mess. The whiners must be sympathizing with terrorism and are probably on watch lists as it is.

And the gulf coast tourism business is toast for the next few years. BP you are going to get your asses handed to you economically speaking and this should be a great big warning to all corporations from now on. Do it right and don't ing up. I assure you that there are more consequences than just losing your jobs. To the people who supported a complete relaxation of rules governing corporations, banking, and finance( you know who you are) ing off, Why don't you ingers go for a swim in the results of your handiwork in the Gulf of Mexico. I hope you people choke on it.

Aaand the FTC just stuck their foot in a constitutional dog pile by trying to limit facts to the originator. I am willing to bet, that that little set of rules will end up ignored on general principle.

Words alone are not going to save the Euro. Kindof like an old movie, drop the credit card and back away from it slooowly. Easy now don't make any false moves or else. Ok I changed the the word gun with credit card.

And what would do? I have to admit that I would be sorely tempted to keep the money , but I think that the Holy Spirit would win this battle and I would probably turn the money over, but what these two girls did was pure Gold before God.

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