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Monday, June 28, 2010

Did Lincoln Believe in God

Yes. He was, and was scheduled to be baptised the week after he was shot.

Spies in the US? But of course. They were busted. That'll work.

The Supreme Court rules on firearms again, for open carry. Yay! Out going Justice Stevens says,
"dangerous for America". Why is that I wonder? Are the left afraid of their own people? Cause most of the criminals vote left. Must be lefties. Er is it dangerous to the plans of anti-American socialists? Bet it is both.

National Guard heading for the border. I said this out loud so my moms new neighbor could hear loud and clear. We are going to shut that border, it is an inevitability. The Pres. is getting it. The people rule and voting is the way we do it. Never the less the writing may be on the wall. I do believe he has figured it out. Liberty does not equal liberals.

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