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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Local Gun bans Outlawed

Here is a plethora of articles concerning the spate of local gun bans that were unconstitutional. Yet the insane Mayor of Chicago still does not get it. Liberalis CLAIM they are afraid of guns but what I really think is that they are afraid the other shoe will drop. In other words they got some comupins commin. There fears are there own though and the left movers and shakers know it.

Stocks down again. As consumer spending/feeling drops. I did that back slash on purpose because if the consumer gets wary the almighty consumer won't spend money. nya.

Note that in the Greek riots, the rioters are left wingers and note that they fled towards the anarchy district. Note that there is a connection between anarchy and commies. Note that the left wore the masks. Note that the left are nothing but liars. Note that Kagan is a liar, and again lies, maybe she is a old deep commie infiltrator too.

Ronald Reagan had something to say that is bound to be timeless. It was true then, before then, and true now.

Can International law trump the constitution? NOPE!

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